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Expanse Announces Decentralized Exchange Plan


EXPEX Allows Peer-to-Peer Trading Through the Luna Wallet

Expanse (PEX:EXP)

EXPEX will set the standard for the decentralized crypto movement.”
— Christopher Franko, Expanse Founder and CEO.

WASHINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2019 / -- The Expanse.Tech™ Project today announced plans to launch a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, providing the technical infrastructure to allow peer-to-peer trading through a user’s own wallet. Expanse is building an ecosystem that provides for the entire lifecycle of a blockchain-based project, from idea to token deployment and now with EXPEX, exchange listing and trading.

Expanse also created Tokenlab™, a blockchain-based platform that provides tools for token and smart contract creation and management. EXPEX adds to the platform Expanse is putting into place to help blockchain entrepreneurs build their businesses.

“Powered by Expanse and inspired by our commitment to freedom, security and anonymity, we are determined to bring you the trading platform you’ve been waiting for,” said Christopher Franko, Expanse Founder and CEO. “EXPEX will set the standard for the decentralized crypto movement.”

EXPEX provides delivery, communication, and network access services without the need to deposit assets through a third party. In the more common centralized exchanges, users deposit their assets with the exchange, trusting that the exchange will hold them securely until they are traded or withdrawn. With decentralized exchange services, the assets never leave the users’ control until they trade them with a peer. This eliminates the need for a third-party money transmitter service to facilitate a trade for a fee. Using EXPEX is free; there are no transaction fees, since it has no role in performing the transaction.

“Along-side the rest of the industry, Expanse cautiously adjusted to market events and regulatory changes in 2018-2019, fine-tuning the platform strategy along the way,” said Franko. “The date for launching EXPEX is now within sight.”

EXPEX will be accessible within the Expanse Luna Wallet. You can download Luna from the Expanse website. The team is projecting that trading will begin third quarter 2019, while a campaign to sign up coins to list on the exchange has already begun. Access the listing application here.

To learn more about EXPEX and follow developments, visit our website.

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