HyGIeaCare® receives second patent from USPTO

odorless and acoustically protected HyGIeaCare experience

HyGIeaCare’s patent covers methods and systems for large intestine contents' diagnosis and acoustic characterization

“This patent supports our strategy of developing novel diagnostic tools for gastroenterologists to provide better and more comprehensive patient care” ”
— Gavriel D. Meron, chairman and CEO of Hygieacare
NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Hygieacare Inc. announced today that the USPTO issued the Company’s second patent - US Patent Number 10,244,980. The patent relates, among others, to methods and systems that are applicable in Hygieacare Systems, in which water is introduced, controllably, into a patient’s large intestine, acoustic signals are sensed at the patient’s abdomen, and large intestine diagnostic characteristics are derived by analyzing the sensed acoustic signals associated with the water introduction – to provide a large intestine diagnosis of the patient.

Since inception in 2015 Hygieacare has established Hygieacare Centers providing bowel preparation without many of the associated side effects of the current preparation and with consistently high cleanliness rates. More than 11,000 patients have performed the prep with 98% of them having an adequately clean colon, with ZERO serious adverse events and excellent patient and physician feedback. Additionally, more than 600 patients have benefited from Hygieacare constipation relief with 100% success and zero adverse events.

Hygieacare is gearing up to establish a global Platform upon which additional patented offerings can be developed and brought to market, enhancing the value of each Hygieacare Center procedure.

“This patent supports our strategy of developing novel diagnostic tools for gastroenterologists to provide better and more comprehensive patient care,” said Gavriel Meron, Chairman and CEO of Hygieacare. “As patients screen to prevent colorectal cancer, we envision providing non-invasive information, enhancing overall patient care by gastroenterologists.”

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About Hygieacare, Inc.
In 2015, Gavriel Meron, who was the founder and CEO of Given Imaging Ltd. (PillCam), founded Hygieacare Inc., a US Delaware corporation, to create a new standard of care to ensure patients are ready for colonoscopy utilizing the FDA cleared Hygieacare® System.

To date over 11,000 patients have benefited from Hygieacare procedures and there are currently 4 operational Hygieacare Centers in the US – Austin TX, Norfolk VA, Cincinnati OH and Jackson MS.

The goal of Hygieacare (www.hygieacare.com) is to provide unique services and solutions to gastroenterologists to deliver better GI outcomes for their patients and their practice through Hygieacare Centers established in the US and throughout the world.

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