Capital Digestive Care to open HyGIeaCare® Center in Rockville, MD

odorless and acoustically protected HyGIeaCare experience

Center offers patients alternative to conventional preparation for colonoscopy

If patients who would otherwise forgo colonoscopy are motivated by HyGIeaCare's new, novel approach, we can save lives.”
— Dr. Michael Weinstein, President & CEO of Capital Digestive Care
NORFOLK, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2019 / -- Capital Digestive Care and HyGIeaCare Inc. announce the decision to build a new HyGIeaCare® Center located at Shady Grove Professional Center II, 15001 Shady Grove Road, Rockville, MD. The center, which will be the first of its kind serving the Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas, is planned to open in December 2019.

HyGIeacare offers an alternative to conventional preparation for colonoscopy, effectively cleansing the bowel using a gentle infusion of warm, gravity-flow filtered water. This means patients may forgo many of the elements that make traditional bowel prep inconvenient and/or undesirable. Over 10,000 patients have chosen HyGIeacare to date with excellent results and very high satisfaction, including comments from patients who would choose to do it again in the future.

Using the same warm water infusion method, HyGIeaCare also offers relief to patients who suffer from constipation. Traditional treatment for constipation includes a combination of diet, exercise, supplements and/or prescription medication, all of which can be hard for patients to comply with consistently or worse, may not be effective. HyGIeaCare® Constipation Relief has been effective for more than 500 patients, many of whom enthusiastically remarked on how much better they felt afterwards.

“Improving the delivery of care is a primary focus for us at Capital Digestive Care and HyGIeaCare helps us do that in a number of ways. Many people aren’t aware that colon cancer is preventable through colonoscopy, which allows us to find and remove colon polyps before they become cancerous. Although colonoscopy is the gold-standard screening test, conventional preparation can be difficult for some. If patients who would otherwise forgo colonoscopy are motivated by this new, novel approach, we can save lives,” says Dr. Michael Weinstein, President & CEO of Capital Digestive Care.

“HyGIeaCare is a significant breakthrough in patient preparation for colonoscopy,” said Gavriel Meron Chairman and CEO of HygieaCare® Inc, “it is quicker and less disruptive to a patient’s daily activities and provides the same thorough and predictable results so important to the accuracy of the exam.”

The convenience of simple, same-day prep.
The HyGIeaCare prep is performed in a clean and comfortable environment immediately prior to the patient’s scheduled procedure. A trained technician provides instruction and is available for support throughout the appointment. A gentle gravity-flow stream of warm water flows into the bowel through a sterile, disposable nozzle inserted into the rectum, comfortably and discreetly evacuating the colon as stool is loosened. Water continually flows until the colon is fully cleansed. A HyGIeaCare technician monitors the procedure to, which typically takes one hour.

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About Capital Digestive Care
Founded in 2009, Capital Digestive Care is the largest private gastroenterology practice in the Mid-Atlantic states. More than 70 physicians and advanced care practitioners treat a wide range of conditions - from the common complaint of heartburn to the complex management of Crohn’s Disease - and offer critical services for the prevention of colon cancer for more than 75,000 patients annually. Capital Digestive Care’s integrated health care model connects its doctors to more than 20 office locations and outpatient surgery centers as well as specialized laboratory services and the largest clinical research program of its kind in the region. For more information on Capital Digestive Care, please visit

About HyGIeaCare, Inc.
HyGIeaCare Inc., a US Delaware corporation, commenced operations in 2015 with a goal of creating a new standard of care to ensure patients are ready for colonoscopy utilizing the FDA cleared HyGIeaCare® System.
HyGIeaCare ( ) establishes HyGIeaCare Centers in partnership with Hospitals and Gastroenterologists who refer their patients with a prescription to perform a simpler and easier bowel prep for colonoscopy, performed on the same day and prior to colonoscopy. The HyGIeaCare Prep replaces the traditional oral preparation that is so difficult and even impossible for many patients.
Gastroenterologists are also referring patients who are not responding well to laxatives for Constipation Relief at the HyGIeaCare Centers with excellent patient satisfaction.
HyGIeaCare Centers are currently operational in Austin TX, Norfolk VA, Jackson MS, and Cincinnati OH, and a number of other Centers are currently in planning and build out phase in the US.

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