Lawson Laments Innocence

Jarrion Lawson Maintains Innocence after Year Long Ordeal

ATLANTA, GA, USA, May 31, 2019 / --
The IAAF Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), will be issuing a decision in the Jarrion Lawson case in the coming days, and the result of that decision will have Lawson sanctioned for 4 years.

Lawson and his team will contest the decision at the Court of Arbitration of Sport.

“This process has been unbelievably daunting.” Said Lawson. “At every turn, I keep thinking that common sense and justice will prevail, but I am continually disappointed. I have not been nervous to this point because I am innocent and I maintain confidence that eventually things will be righted.”

Two recent cases have shown that meat contamination has caused positive tests for Trenbolone/Epitrenbolone and both athletes were cleared of any wrongdoing by their respective anti-doping bodies. In both these cases, the athletes’ levels of epitrenbolone in their urine were virtually identical to the level in Jarrion Lawson’s sample.

The amount of epitrenbolone measured in Jarrion Lawson’s sample was 0.65 nanograms, which is so minute in weight that it is 90,000 times lighter than a single grain of salt. Trenbolone is used as a growth promoter in the vast majority of beef in the United States.

The AIU does not contest that Jarrion Lawson ate beef 19 hours before his urine test, and the tribunal also acknowledges that contaminated beef is capable of causing a positive test for epitrenbolone at low levels, however their decision is based on the premise that Jarrion Lawson was unable to prove that the beef he ate was the source.

Paul Doyle, Jarrion’s agent, says this decision shows that there is an extremely flawed system in place at the World Anti-Doing Agency (WADA). “To be honest, it is absurd that the WADA code places such an impossible burden on athletes to prove the source. How can you go back and test meat that was eaten months ago? You simply can’t. WADA is aware that these contaminations happen and they do nothing to protect clean athletes that fall into this trap. It is completely irresponsible of WADA, and athletes need to stand up to this and make a change, otherwise, they could be next.”

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