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Holistic Healing Practitioner and Coach Amy Martyn to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 3, 2019 / -- We are so conditioned to resist our emotions, to push them down. It's ingrained in us. But if we can reach that place of surrender, of total allowing, everything diffuses back into love.

That’s the message of Holistic Healing Practitioner, Amy Martyn.

“Holistic healing really is about wholeness, loving and forgiving ourselves and others,” says Amy. “When we can step forward with courage, doors begin to open. When we can start saying no to the things that are not serving us and speak and live our truth, incredible opportunities await us.”

Amy shares her gifts with others as a Reiki Master, Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, and through insights from her personal mentor, Randy Zonnis, both being devotees of Dr. David R Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Amy was first introduced to holistic healing and energy healing near the end of her pregnancy.

“I was 39 weeks pregnant and I popped my knee tearing the meniscus,” recalls Amy. “I felt called to try something natural to heal this. I connected with my girlfriend who did Reiki. Little did I know that the injury was going to lead me down this spiritual path of awakening and starting my new business. I'm so grateful for that pain now that I can look back.”

In that Reiki experience, something outer worldly took place for Amy.

“I saw colors, I saw symbols, I saw visions. The most magical part was meeting my soon-to-be little boy. I saw him, one years old, stumbling as he walked, glowing. Tears just fell from my eyes. I knew from that moment that I just got glimpse of the beauty that was about to enter my life and I knew from that moment that I was not going to go back to my corporate Marketing Manager job. That was the beginning of my exploration of energy healing.”

Soon thereafter, Amy herself became a Reiki Master, and within a matter of months, she connected with her mentor Zonnis, who was at the time a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, Mentor, Instructor, Self-Health Creator with 40 years of social work experience.

“I just started saying yes to everything coming my way that felt in line with my new beliefs. I was fearful but in a good way. The Universe was giving me all these incredible gifts,” says Amy. “I felt such a strong connection with Randy. He's helped me in my journey to grow, to evolve, to forgive myself, to forgive others, let go of judgment, and to walk straight ahead for all fears are an illusion. He’s brought me support and encouragement when I needed it most.”

The issues lie in the tissues, says Amy. It is the direct correlation between our emotions and our bodies and how we store trauma in our body which creates pain and illness. Quantum Touch can help release these emotions to allow the body to heal to its most optimal state.

“Cancel the negative thoughts and story in the mind but welcome the emotions,” says Amy. “Our pain and illness are there to get our attention. The emotions are just wanting to be released.”

Still, says Amy, being a healer in the world means not just applying treatment but also offering guidance and support, which is really what people are needing most.

“Generally, a psychiatrist will get a client to a point where they have explained some real traumas allowing them to feel vulnerable and raw, then say, ‘OK, our time is up. Here's a prescription.’ It’s unfortunate because that is the point where some real magic can start happening if working with someone offering life force energy and love.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Amy Martyn in an interview with Jim Masters on June 5th at 3pm EDT.

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