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Intellisys™ Offers Automated Modernization of ColdFusion Applications


Intellisys - Automated Thinking

Modernize your ColdFusion applications to Java Spring Boot framework. Reduce your technical debt and remove application vulnerabilities.

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 21, 2019 / -- EvolveWare Inc. today announced the availability of its Intellisys Platform to modernize ColdFusion applications to a 3-tier Java architecture, thereby reducing technical debt and removing existing vulnerabilities.

The technical debt build-up and vulnerabilities in ColdFusion applications can be attributed to a variety of reasons:
• Lack of expert resources that are available to maintain ColdFusion applications
• On-going maintenance without access to current and necessary supporting documentation
• Lack of optimization over the years where applications have been patched up without taking the time and effort to review and edit code that may have become inefficient or obsolete.

Up until now, owners have had no options other than to manually re-write these applications or accept the growing technical debt and potential security issues that are inherent in all legacy applications. Unfortunately, re-writing these applications from scratch would be no easy task. This is because, in most likelihood, no current documentation exists for these applications that would allow developers to clearly understand the functions and logic they need to replicate.

The Intellisys Platform allows customers to automatically extract meta-data from their ColdFusion applications, generate current documentation for review, re-factor the meta-data to make it more efficient, and re-generate the application in a 3-tier Java architecture using the Spring Boot Framework.

“Using EvolveWare’s automated platform, we were able to modernize and migrate a critical Department of Defence’s recruitment system in record time. We were astonished to find out how fast we were able to transform an old undocumented system into a modern multi-tiered architecture in Java” – Project Lead – U.S. DOD

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Try Intellisys Lite at no cost. Intellisys Lite Intellisys Lite collects the company’s inventory of applications and provides a comprehensive analysis of their entire portfolio in terms of ease of maintenance and their candidacy for modernization.

EvolveWare was founded in 2001 with a mission to automate IT Services using machine learning and artificial intelligence. It launched its first product, Legacy Modernizer, in 2007 and extended its reach to both legacy and modern applications in 2016 with the launch of its new flagship product, Intellisys. The goal – automated documentation, analysis, maintenance, rationalization, optimization and modernization of software applications.

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