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New Kindle Book "Starsky and Hutch Next Gen" Brings Iconic Cop Duo To New Fans via Their Sons Davis and Kent

Starsky and Hutch Next Gen

Starsky and Hutch Next Gen - Main Cover

Starsky and Hutch Next Gen - Mo's Visions

Starsky and Hutch Next Gen - School Shooter

Starsky and Hutch Next Gen - Tasha's Legacy

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 14, 2019 / -- This book is offered at the lowest price Amazon has to offer, at 99 cents per download, but it will be the most entertaining 99 cents you'll ever spend, because this book has been called "A Lifetime movie waiting to happen".

What does this mean?

It means the sons of Starsky and Hutch, Davis and Kent, are the next generation of buddy-cop, binge-watching/reading icons. The brothers and detectives (yes, you heard right, brothers, since their dads had a relationship with the same woman), and take on some of the most sadistic, vengeful, and feared criminals Bay City has ever known.

And that's just their girlfriends.

All kidding aside.

They do take on those types of criminals. But their personal lives are just as dangerous as their professional ones, and a little more steamy.

This book is told in 8 episodes, with nail-biting story arcs and surprising character arcs. Besides the hot and ready leads in the series, you'll meet Huggy Bear's daughter Tasha, who is their childhood friend and RN. You'll meet their psychic friend Momo (Mo to his friends), who owns a gym and is anguished by his visions, but helps them out on a few cases. You'll meet Lucky, a hooker/snitch friend trying to get clean.

Some of their cases include Satanic cults, death matches, rape, domestic violence, fentanyl-laced heroin, and snuff films. Not to mention murder. This book isn't for the faint of heart, and, like their dads, Davis and Kent find themselves in life and death situations at every turn. Not just one climax. But several.

But they aren't just hard-boiled babies. They have a soft-boiled, sensitive side too, and it shows most when they encounter victims or try to help an underdog.

If you're a fan of the original Starsky and Hutch, you may hate this book. Or you may like it. You may hate the fact that the original characters make no appearance and are never mentioned. Chances are you'll make up your mind by the fourth episode, or maybe the fourth word. But read it all the way through before deciding, because there are a lot of twists and turns, and you just may find the characters growing on you.

If you're new to Starsky and Hutch, a fan of the Stiller/Wilson movie, or even a fan of the GTA 5 Starsky and Hutch mod, who wants SH to go to the next level, then buckle up for some buddy-cop drama, family conflict, relationship hell, and fanfiction tropes.

Danger. Pulp fiction lies ahead.

No Torino, sorry. But Davis drives a Mustang with twin white stripes, and Kent drives an Audi. Also, no Captain Dobey, but Captain Shaw is a mama bear not to be messed with.

A rundown of the episodes/chapters:

EPISODE: SCHOOL SHOOTER: Young detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson, sons of Starsky and Hutch, respond to a shooter at Bay City High School. You'll be introduced to their other friends: Huggy's daughter Tasha. A hooker/informant named Lucky. And a reluctant psychic named Momo.

EPISODE 2: MO'S VISIONS: Young detective Davis Starsky is on a frantic search for his missing brother and partner Kent Hutchinson, and receives help from their psychic friend, Mo.

EPISODE 3: JUNKIE. Young detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson receive an undercover assignment to infiltrate a motorcycle gang in order to trace fentanyl-laced heroin to its source and get it off the streets, but an unexpected setback places one of the partners in danger.

EPISODE 4: FIGHT: Young detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson investigate underground death matches in the world of fighting.

EPISODE 5: TASHA'S LEGACY: Young detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson try to help a close friend when she is viciously assaulted.

EPISODE 6: SNUFF: Detectives Davis Starsky and Kent Hutchinson go undercover to investigate the world of snuff films.

EPISODE 7: LUCKY'S STRIKE: Davis and Kent investigate the missing wife of a prominent pastor, while facing challenges in their own lives.

EPISODE 8: MARIA'S FREEDOM: A domestic violence altercation leads to danger for one of the partners.

You can download the book from Amazon here, watch the episode trailers at YouTube, and learn more about the characters and their lives on the book's Facebook page.

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