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NuMinds Enrichment Sparks ‘Edvolution’ with Robots and High Tech Tools

Camp Pursuit by NuMinds Enrichment graphic

Real education programming leverages cutting-edge AI and tech to inspire, educate students

We create a full-spectrum experience, where a student's own curiosity is a major factor in what they learn.”
— Justin Vawter, M.Ed.
ADDISON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 9, 2019 / -- NuMinds Enrichment, an innovative provider of engaging, mixed-age STEAM programs, is on a mission to spark an ‘Edvolution,’ or education revolution, to ignite intense curiosity in new technologies in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) programming and other STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) fields to intrinsically motivate students to prepare for and pursue jobs of the future.

And NuMinds is using some pretty interesting cutting-edge technology to spark an interest in students and enable real learning, including the AI-powered NAO robot, which enables students to interact with the humanoid as it teaches coding, literature, and simulates training environments. NuMinds programs are also enhanced with cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) goggles that integrate virtual environments and augment learning, to captivate students and enhance their experience.

“It’s become very popular to tout the idea that today’s students will hold jobs we’ve never even heard of,” said Ben Koch, M.Ed. Co-Founder & CEO. “But we don’t have to know exactly what the professions of the future are to inspire an avid curiosity and voracious appetite for learning that will serve students working in any STEAM field, regardless of their occupation.”

NuMinds students can print and study a sphere on a 3D printer, use an Arduino kit to jumpstart their programming skills, or develop custom tech like the Chindōgu Super Duper Toothbrusherizer! (Which, while it may be more fun that functional, is also inspiring innovation). Budding coders can hone their skills with educational software available on laptops, and the youngest coders can lay a foundation with an Ozobot, a small toy robot that teaches kids to program digitally using a physical environment.

NuMinds offers programs for students beginning at 1st grade across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, in Washington, DC., and throughout Lebanon. In response to high demand from schools and parents, NuMinds recently launched "Pre-STEAM" programs for learners starting at age 4 to begin their engagement with STEAM topics.

For students interested in NuMinds’ hands-on approach to learning, upcoming summer programs offer an opportunity to dive right in.

“The best way to experience our holistic approach to STEAM learning is our week-long, immersive summer camp, Camp Pursuit," said Justin Vawter, NuMinds Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, and Head of Curriculum Development. "We create a full-spectrum experience, where a student's own curiosity is a major factor in what they learn."

To learn more about Camp Pursuit, visit, or check out contact to learn how NuMinds can enhance your school’s programming or to enroll your student in a summer camp, after school or holiday program.

About NuMinds Enrichment
Brilliant young minds don’t always get all the intellectual nutrition they need from their daily diet of school and extra-curriculars. Our co-founders were driven by the vision that NuMinds could provide a layer of enrichment beyond the school day, where real, inspired learning creates the conditions for lifelong curiosity and self-development:

Real – our programs extend beyond basic academic needs into the realm of enrichment, where a learner’s authentic engagement with ideas, processes and products is paramount.

Inspired – our programs derive from our own sense of inspiration and are focused on developing a learner’s own passions and interests.

Learning – our programs provide new knowledge, insight and wisdom that is valuable to the learner’s and the world’s development and advancement.

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