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A Winning Partnership: How This Houston IT Company is Diminishing Cyber Attacks for Texas Businesses

Defend your business against Cyber Attacks

Protect your Texas business from hackers

Cyber Security is essential for Texas Small Businesses

Why this IT company seeks to provide Texas businesses with a triple layer of protection against cyber attacks.

Eliminating cyber risk is impossible; therefore, you must take a layered approach using technology, training and insurance to minimize cyber risk as much as possible.”
— Jason Rorie

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , March 29, 2019 / -- As we continue to increase our reliance on the internet for our day to day business operations, we become more susceptible to business-ending data breaches. Elevated Tech, a Houston IT company, has been operating for over a decade enacting network security services for a variety of Texas businesses. With the recent creation of its partner company, Cyber Security Insurance Group, Elevated Tech seeks to reach those who have already been impacted by cyber attacks via defending them in the aftermath.

Hackers never tire and are constantly attempting to steal valuable confidential company information. They don’t care if the target business is small or large. In fact, statistics show that 55% of small businesses have experienced a data breach. 53% of those very companies have experienced multiple data breaches. If a business is up and running, there is nothing stopping hackers from attempting a data breach.

It is a common belief that general liability insurance covers things on the cyber front as well, however, cyber insurance is almost always excluded. Cyber Security Insurance group offers coverage for legal fees and expenses, notifying customers of data breaches, restoring the identities of affected customers, recovering any data that was compromised, and repairing damaged computer systems.

What inspired CEO Jason Rorie to enlist Cyber Security Insurance Group as a partner company was the fact that many businesses believe they only need one or the other. Cyber Insurance does not protect a business from cyber attacks just as much as cybersecurity does not defend a business in the aftermath. This is what continuously motivates Jason Rorie to take a step towards covering Texas businesses on all fronts.

Today, both Elevated Tech and Cyber Security Insurance Group continue to provide services that protect Texas businesses from the threat of closure by a cyber attack.

About the Company: Elevated Tech has provided Houston businesses with innovative IT support and technology solutions since 2006. The IT leadership team that makes up the company strives to offer high-end technology services at a price point that fits seamlessly into business initiatives. They provide the most powerful IT support systems with the delivery that focuses on providing distinct solutions to meet the unique IT needs of each individual client they work with.

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