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800Casting: It's the Top Networking Platform for Talent Agencies, Casting Professionals, and Aspiring Celebrities

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UNITED STATES, March 26, 2019 / -- Are you a talent management, modeling agency or advertising agency?

Or a talent who is looking to get noticed and more visibility?

Or maybe you're running a creative project - with a cast information?

It could be anything, from a new film, to a modeling event, a photo-shoot, or even voice over auditions!

Whatever it is - you not only need to recruit fast but also get a right talent for the project. And this is where 800Casting can assist you.

How It Works?
Consider it a "social media platform" for the entertainment industry.

Only difference is, it isn't a joke. Only individuals with authorized credentials are allowed to register!

And don't worry, you don't need to be a popular talent. Nor do you need to be "a large recruiter" either...

You can be relatively new, and still marshal the talents you need!

Works for Aspiring Entertainers Too.
This platform works for aspiring actors and models.

If you're beginner or talent with modeling or acting experience, you can use 800Casting, and find serious projects to join.

You can use it to advance your career. You can use it to find and apply to projects that require casting and grab your dream role!

With it, you'll never run short of opportunities!

Wait - Aren't There Better Casting Sites?
Not really. Plenty exist online - but few rival 800Casting.

How so? We'll, let's start by mention that this platform operates in 3 continents (Europe, North America, Asia).

It's a platform for the entire developed world.

Plus, many industry giants use this platform. They include...
• The following news networks: FOX - CNN - ABC.
• Cinemax.
• Playboy.

And that's just a small portion of who uses it.

It's highly popular/accredited. And to advance any project, you'd better be there!

Think Of it This Way...
It's like a LinkedIn for casting professional, talent managers and aspiring models/actors.

You know how LinkedIn is, right? It's a platform that lets you connect with professionals fast.

It lets you see their CVs, their experience (and sometimes) some of their work samples.

But 800Casting is a "specialized upgrade."

It takes that networking to the next level. And here's how it does it!

What You Gain as an Entertainment Professional?
You're available online "24/7" for agencies and clients to see you.

Plus, your reach is worldwide. That is, you can find work with overseas agencies!

Let's say you're a model.

Maybe an overseas fashion house might spot you. And they might make an excellent long-term offer to you!

Or how about acting? Maybe an international project is in the making - and your auditions get spotted.

You'll get contacted immediately, and you'll have a chance to join the fold!

Cost-Effective for All.
This site offers amazing packages for all its talents.

For starters, the highest annual package is $69.95. That's barely $6/month, which is a minute expense to advance your career!

And what does this "higher package offer"?

It gives you the ability to post unlimited sides, videos, posts, and voice overs. That way, a talent can create a massive portfolio for any agency or casting director / project manager to see!

Plus - you can publish unlimited comp cards and private documents of your modelling and photography work!

There's More!
The previous advantages apply to talents. And very few networks provide those features to aspiring celebrities.

However - agencies get advantages too.

They can run their entire business using 800Casting. You can easily communicate and keep track of the best talents. You can easily find new ones online too! You can access talent calendar, manage invoices and much more.

In a nutshell, it is a fully functional solution for all your management needs.

Clients Benefit Too.
800Casting never forgets project managers - like directors, producers, casting professionals, and studios.

You can run auditions remotely, and easily review submissions. In fact, it's easy to connect with agencies, and find the celebrities you need!

Not to mention, you save money on live auditions.

How So?
You probably know how expensive is an audition process.

You need to hire a stage. You need to schedule, and have people show up. And depending on the project, the work doesn't end in a day.

Sometimes - there's a day two, three, and more if you want perfection.

Auditioning also takes up hours. That's thousands of dollars just to find a cast.

But with 800casting, you cut costs!

You can view everything from the comfort of your office. And your prospects do all the preparatory work!

Time to Start.
We recommend heading to the 800casting website now. Start using the platform.

For agencies, it's the key to low cost and quick project management. And for talents, it's how to advance your career!

After all, if the industry giants' network there - then why shouldn't you do the same?

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