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DejaOffice PC CRM Palm Desktop Replacement

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DejaOffice CRM for Windows, Android and iPhone

CompanionLink Software launches fast and effective personal CRM based on the venerable Palm Desktop.

DejaOffice is the only PC CRM that has full featured matching PC, Android and iPhone apps, USB, Wi-Fi and Cloud Sync Systems”
— Wayland Bruns, CEO
PORTLAND, OR, US, March 14, 2019 / -- CompanionLink Software has released DejaOffice PC CRM which is a drop-in replacement to the ever-popular Palm Desktop App. Like Palm Desktop, DejaOffice focuses management of Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. As a lightweight CRM tool, it adds History, Deals and Expenses. DejaOffice has matching Android and iPhone Apps which carry the Palm Desktop experience to your mobile phone and tablet.

“Palm Desktop is still surprisingly popular,” says Wayland Bruns, CEO of CompanionLink. “It is lighting fast, highly effective and has stood the test of time. Our new DejaOffice PC CRM is also fast, effective, and is a suitable drop-in replacement for legacy PIMs like Palm Desktop. DejaOffice is the only PC CRM that has full featured matching PC, Android and iPhone apps, USB, Wi-Fi and Cloud Sync Systems.”

DejaOffice incorporates many popular features of Palm Desktop. Palm Desktop 6.2 included private records, which stay hidden until you unmask them, and DejaOffice includes this feature. Palm Desktop 4.1.4 features Calendar Colors which are also matched in DejaOffice. DejaOffice also features Calendar Widgets; a live calendar pinned to your Windows Desktop. The speed and widget capabilities ensure you never waste time looking up a contact or rescheduling an event.

When you install DejaOffice PC CRM, the startup wizard will ask if you want to import data. You can specify any Palm database, Outlook, Act! or Google. Then the wizard asks what phone you want to use, and you can connect using USB, Wi-Fi or Cloud. After launching DejaOffice your data will be connected both to your legacy contact manager and to DejaOffice on your Android or iPhone. Enter a Contact in Palm Desktop, a Calendar Event on your Phone, or a Task in DejaOffice PC and it will all sync.

DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone is $49.95 for a perpetual license (not recurring), and one license can be installed on three computers; work, home and laptop. The CRM for Outlook Add-In is $99.95. These can be downloaded from the DejaOffice Website. The DejaOffice App for Android and iPhone is free and available from the App Store. The DejaOffice team offers free telephone technical support on the CompanionLink website so if you have any questions just give us a call. See for details.

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