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Enerkon Solar International Inc (ENKS OTC PINK) Creates New Tech R&D Division with specialized departments

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Enerkon Solar International Inc (ENKS OTC PINK) Creates New Tech R&D Division with specialized departments


Enerkon Solar International, your global source for Utility Scale Solar PV Plants and New Technology in key sectors”
— Mr. Benjamin Ballout CEO

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2019 / -- Delray Beach, Florida (USA)
February 20 2019

Enerkon Solar International Inc (ENKS OTC PINK) Creates New Tech R&D Division with specialized departments - including New Energy Science Technology Research, New E-Car Transport Conversion Technology, New Nanotechnology Science, New Genetic Technology Science, New Renewable Energy Technology including Thorium Research, New Water Technology Research for Aquifer Access in Africa, Desalination, and Ionosphere Stimulation Technology (stimulation of precipitation) and others.

Enerkon CEO Mr. Benjamin Ballout states today that "the New Research and Development Division of Enerkon will add great value and opportunities for new products and technologies - Patients and entrance into the markets mentioned, creating entire new companies around some of these disruptive technologies and adding to the core theme of Solar Energy Development for which the company continues to focus on as the main driver for mid term growth".

Mr. Ballout further states that "As we partner with Universities, Scientists, Researchers, New Tech Companies and others in the areas mentioned, we are optimistic that great new technology, products and services will be brought to the markets under the Enerkon Umbrella and through potential spin off's of viable technologies and products in the form of independent trading companies on the markets".

Mr. Ballout also stated that "former Senator Roberto Larios Rodriguez (El Salvador) joined the Board of ENKS as Business Development adviser and Director for Latin and Central America and we welcome his excellency to the company with great anticipation for success in these new regions. (Former Senator Larios was President of the Central American Parliament for El salvador as well as a majority leader in the Democratic ARENA Party for more than nearly 30 years)"

In conclusion, Mr Ballout States that "Enerkon Solar International (ENKS OTC PINK) looks forward to this year with optimism and fortitude, being shareholder value where we can and pressing forward towards our goals and aspirations".

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