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Metallurgical Consultant George Vander Voort to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WADSWORTH, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2019 / -- Metallurgists are materials scientists who specialize in metals such as steel, aluminum, iron and copper. They often work with alloys - metals that are mixed with each other or other elements - to create materials with specific desirable properties to manufacture everything from precision components to huge engineering parts.

George Vander Voort is a physical metallurgist recognized worldwide as a leading expert in process and physical metallurgy: the science of the manufacturing and performance of metals and metal alloys. Vander Voort is the founder of Vander Voort Consulting.

The process that converts iron ore to iron and iron into steel is one science; ensuring their integrity is another, requiring microstructural analysis, interpretation and measurement. Vander Voort is also an expert in Metallography, the science of preparing samples to examine their microstructure. His Metallography: Principles and Practice, published in 1984. is the most widely read books in the field.

“One of the big problems with all metals are oxides or sulfides, natural impurities in the metal. These are highly detrimental to mechanical properties, service performance, machinability,” says Vander Voort. “With metallography you can understand how the steel was made, its processing. You can do quality control for the processing events such as the annealing processes or for failure analysis. I did a lot of work analyzing these kinds of constituents and wrote an ASTM standard for a much better way of measure the inclusion content.”

Vander Voort’s expertise extends to archaeometallurgy, the science of examining historical objects. There are steels that are copper-based alloys from many hundreds or thousands of years ago. Vander Voort has examined 4,000-year-old bronze from ancient Persian up through the spikes and nails that would have been in used in the Crucifixion.

“The Bronze Age started before Christ was born and the Iron Age was pretty primitive at that point. For many centuries all they could make was wrought iron because they couldn't get the temperature hot enough to completely melt the ore and refine it.”

Vander Voort’s expertise is all the more necessary today and only a few schools teach metallurgical engineering and only a handful of professors left in the United States that can teach process metallurgy.

CUTV News Radio will feature George Vander Voort in an interview with Jim Masters on February 7th at 11am EST.

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