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Alexander Golberg Jero Plans for "Audio Metropolis"

Alexander Golberg Jero’s Plans for Audio Metropolis Entertainment Parks

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2019 / -- Alexander Golberg Jero, renowned composer and music innovator, has decided to take on another monumental task. His mind is always going, trying to come up with a great new innovation in the music industry. From his approach to transforming classical music compositions with his surround sound technology to his latest venture of the High Definition Music Card, Alexander Golberg Jero frequently takes what people know about one thing and transforms it into something even more incredible. There are still plenty more projects that Jero has in his mind and this time, he is going to create a massive experience for music lovers.

While people seem to be content with the state of the music industry, Alexander Golberg Jero is more than happy to shake things up. When he takes on a classical piece that is beloved and well-known, he takes his skills as a composer to transform the piece into so much more than just music. It becomes an experience, one that people want to talk about and share with others. Everything that Jero does is to revolutionize the industry that he loves so much. He always thinks about what he can do to make it better. When it comes to listening to music at home, Jero felt as though audiophiles and music lovers needed a better solution for enjoying music. This is why he created the High Definition Music Card. He enjoyed the literary classic “The Master and Margarita”. So, he took what fans knew about this classic and turned it into a whole new experience. That is what Alexander Golberg Jero does.

His popularity has skyrocketed, taking the traditional notions and understandings of what music “should be” and showing everyone what music “can be”. Music isn’t just sound that is pleasing to the ears; it’s an individual experience. Music can be enhanced by technology. Music should be shared. These are all principles that helped inspire Jero in his new adventure. The Audio Metropolis is a revolutionary idea that visitors are going to flock to.

This time, Jero has set his sights on a brand-new adventure that he hopes will make audio enthusiasts incredibly happy. The “Audio Metropolis” is an entertainment park for music and audio enthusiasts to enjoy. The main attraction of this entertainment park is the High Definition Audio Entertainment Network, the crowning joy of this new adventure. All of the visitors will receive highly specialized headphones that will connect to a smartphone. These work via the network to access any music or audio content that you want. This will customize the experience so that you can enjoy the park in your own way, getting a personal and immersive adventure.

There are other attractions that Alexander Golberg Jero has planned for this amazing “Audio Metropolis”. Visitors will also be able to visit attractions such as the Museum of History of the Audio, dance stages, movie theaters, concert stages, and the music hall. These attractions will be equipped with only the latest and greatest state of the art equipment to showcase the advantages of modern audio. This creates a musical experience unlike any you have ever experienced before. Enjoy the sites of this park while only listening to the audio that you love. This is a truly a remarkable experience that you will want to continue to come back to.

What makes this park even more awesome is the commerce center that Jero envisions for the Audio Metropolis. The commerce center is going to be such a fascinating area for visitors because this is where they can find some of the leading audio manufacturers to present their products and maybe even discuss some new exciting releases that they are currently working on. Visitors would love this center because of how great it can be for them to interact with these leading manufacturers.

Currently, the prospective high-bit investors for this amazing project include Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, and Xperi (Digital Theater Systems). Other potential investors, partners, and contributors are more than welcome to participate in this innovative new project.

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