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Bernie Madoff playing Stockbroker video game in prison

Bernie Madoff serving 150 years in prison for running a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

Wall Street legend who ran the largest financial fraud in US history

Madoff is now 79 years old.

The ponzi criminal is reportedly up to his old tricks, this time in a fictitious video game stock market.

Bernie Madoff seemed to enjoy special celebrity status”
— Ralph Griffith
NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 3, 2019 / -- It's been widely reported that Bernie Madoff has been enjoying "special celebrity" status in prison, including freedom to wander the halls beyond the allotted 15 minutes daily. According to fellow inmate Ralph Griffith, Madoff was able to select his own cellmate, ("Bulldog," a Mexican drug runner from Texas).

Now according to Wall Street Insider, it seems Madoff's privileges continue with recent reports of Bernie playing a new Stockbroker video game called "Comish - The Stockbroker Sim!" on iPhone.

It is not clear how he gains access to the iPhone and what other iPhone related activities he may wallowing in, but apparently he has advanced quite quickly in "Comish" and has unlocked most of the luxury items in the game.

"Comish" is free to play on App Stores so that may explain a little of how he might have access, (A
paid game would require a credit card or passwords which would be highly unlikely for him to have).

This virtual stock trading game "Comish" has global leaderboard of players competing to see who is the 'Biggest Broker on Wall Street'. Unfortunately we still do not know Madoff's gamer name but if we find out it would certainly be fun to see if we could beat him at his own game!

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