And the Winner of TopShelf Indie Book Awards 2018 is A Path to Wisdom, by Tony Jeton Selimi, The See-Through Coach

A Path to Wisdom Indie Book Award Winner by Tony Jeton Selimi

A Path to Wisdom, Amazon's #1 internationally bestselling book by Tony Jeton Selimi is the Winner in the TopShelf Indie Book Award 2018 Competition

A life-changing guide that teaches you how to overcome adversity, empower all of the eight key areas of life, and live a more balanced, healthy, and peaceful life.”
— Jack Canfield, America's #1 Success Coach

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 21, 2018 / -- London, England – December 21, 2018 – Tony J. Selimi, Human Behavior and Cognition Expert, was recently honoured with the TopShelf Indie Book Award 2018 for his book A Path to Wisdom – How to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life.

Meticulously researched and written by Tony Jeton Selimi, ‘A Path to Wisdom’ explores the impact adversity, the busyness of our daily lives and suppressed truth has on our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, relationship, business, financial, and social wellbeing – a problem that has become an ironic epidemic in an extremely demanding world that is more interconnected than ever before.

Selimi truly breaks new ground in a volume that:

• Received the Top Shelf Magazine Book Indie Award 2019
• Became Four times #1 Amazon International bestselling book in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018
• Was Shortlisted for the Management Book of the Year Award
• Presented the Finalist Award in the 2014/15 USA Book Contest
• Has over one hundred Five Star Sterling Amazon reviews
• Honoured Readers Favorite Five-star Seal
• Became the inspiration behind co-creating Living My Illusion multi-award–winning real-life, and was endorsed by some global leaders, experts, and celebrities, including Brian Tracy – Author – Many Miles to Go who quotes “Learn how to explore the depths of your experience and maximise your knowledge and insights to create a wonderful life.”

TopShelf Magazine hosted the global author competition, and the purpose of the TopShelf Indie Book Awards is to raise awareness of the best indie authors and books––not just to readers, but to our growing list of booksellers and librarians from around the globe.

Every single book that gets entered into the TopShelf Indie Book Awards will be seen by booksellers, librarians, authors, agents, publicists, reviewers, readers, and more––thousands of some of the most influential, most important people who could ever get ahold of his book.

Moreover, their ever-expanding network of social media partners currently reaches about 2,500,000 people, and their promotions fetch over a quarter of a million impressions each month, with thousands of engagements.

Booksellers will be paying close attention to the results of this contest, and as one of the winners, he will be promoted heavily to booksellers, librarians, and readers on a scale likely he has not experienced before.


Almost everyone faces various life adversities that cause them some degree of depression, anxiety or diminished self-esteem and may lead to multitude of mentally and emotionally induced health problems, confidence and relationship issues, professional challenges, business performance issues, leadership hardships, and bottom line, financial problems. Various powerful exercises shared in each chapter can help people breakthrough fears, dissolve volatile emotions, and learn how to overcome obstacles that prevent them from living a balanced, healthy and purposeful life.

From the beginning of this book, Selimi takes you on an unimaginable personal journey through which he shares how he overcame many of the life adversities that hit him hard from a very young age and impacted every part of his being. He shares how his bullying experience, the atrocities of a civil war, and the hardship that came from being uprooted from a country he grew up in and ending up living homeless on the streets of London made him feel alone, desperate, and afraid to reach out for help.

In this timeless life manual, Tony has synthesised the wisdom that came from his life experiences into TJSeMethod™, a powerful methodology, a clear roadmap and a framework of five pillars that become your guide and the light needed to shine the path for the journey within. The science-based conscious engineering processes empower the reader to dive into the deepest parts of self where one can resolve, dissolve and break through many emotional problems and where we can uncover the protective layers stored in our subconscious mind and bring them to the awareness of our conscious mind. He gives the readers a new way to balance their skewed perceptions, reconnect with their truth, awaken their hearts intelligence, and connect them to their infinite and innate wisdom required to activate, advance and accelerate their human and business potential.

Through powerful questioning, readers learn how to use the twenty five conscious engineering principles embedded in Tony’s trademark methodology to address the things they want to change in their lives and listen and act on their built-in ALARM so they can live in alignment with their true authentic values, calling, vision, mission and purpose in life.

Doing the simple exercises in each chapter, taking daily action and learning how to acknowledge and own your power; listen to your body's wisdom and embrace life through the infinite wisdom of love; he teaches you how to reveal your authentic self and achieve higher vibrational states of awareness and intelligence.

Selimi’s wealth of experience and knowledge makes you become inspired, effective, and productive. It is what makes this book so powerful, as he uses all he has learned to help the reader learn how to truly activate the healing power of their body-mind, attain work-life balance, and find inner peace.

Who should read this book?

No matter who you are – a parent, young adult, a professional coach, therapist, lawyer, banker, CEO, HR professional, a business owner, CEO, millionaire, billionaire, or simply curious at heart and seek greater significance and purpose in your life – A Path to Wisdom is the life manual that will assists you to empower yourself and consciously create your life on your terms.

Available in print, digital and in Audio Formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Kindle, iTunes, and Audible.

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