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Credit Counsel Inc Helps Companies Thrive

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, November 27, 2018 / -- As a nationally accredited firm, Credit Counsel Inc, led by Christopher Mihoulides, makes it easier for companies around the world to collect debts and get back to running their business.

“I got into this business, to help companies get back to basics, which is their product and their employees,” explained Christopher Mihoulides. “Credit Counsel Inc fills in the gaps that other companies cannot.”

Designed from the ground up by industry leaders, Christopher Mihoulides wants to remind businesses that there is still a human touch and his business can provide that. By providing the highest standards of best in class customer service, highly trained employees, and a great conversion rate with every collection account.

While it’s important to increase debt recovery to clients, Credit Counsel Inc wants to return to a true form of providing businesses with an experience that leaves them in a better position than before they worked with Credit Counsel Inc.

With hundreds of industries needing assistance, Credit Counsel Inc has decided to focus on four key areas of need and will continue to expand this list over time. Commercial businesses, Medical companies, International health, and occupational health.

With over two decades of hands-on experience, Credit Counsel Inc is paving a way for a new generation of debt recovery. By consistently engaging debtors in unique ways with tailor-made strategies for each client they take on, recovery rates have doubled since Credit Counsel Inc has opened its doors.

One of Credit Counsel Inc’s greatest accomplishments is never charging a client unless the debt is collected. By creating trust with each business, Credit Card Inc all but ensures that debts will be collected in a timely and forthright manner, assuring businesses that by trusting CCI, they can have faith in a new model for debt collections.

No business is too large, or small. Credit Counsel Inc started as a small company and understands how hard it can be to find an advocate to fight on your behalf. CCI is proud to help everyone get back what rightfully belongs to them.

Through the science of studying behavioral patterns and turning this data into a practical resource, Credit Counsel Inc is able to map out how debtors will react, and what the best approach will be to get them to pay and to get them to pay as much as possible without settling. By relying on data, Credit Counsel Inc is able to create a benchmark and provide real tangible results to a wide array of clients around the globe.

Especially during the busy holiday season, it’s important now, more than ever to make sure that you are using every resource as a business to collect debts owed to you and to make sure that you are mitigating future damage to your company.

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