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With a commitment to excellence, ethics, and mission, Credit Counsel Inc looks to the future of debt recovery.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2018 / -- As a great asset to any business, Credit Counsel Inc, assists companies in recovering a debt owed by both domestic and international companies. CCI achieves best in class results through a commitment to excellence and a superior staff.

Credit Counsel Inc exists to serve it’s clients with efficiency and ease so that they can get back to focusing on what’s truly important, business. From start to finish, Credit Counsel Inc takes a holistic approach to debt recovery. Starting with our employees, the telephone collection representatives and our nationwide field agents play a crucial role in Credit Counsel Inc's ecosystem. With acclaimed national and international attorneys on staff that handle all legal aspects for our clients, Credit Counsel Inc covers every area. Another vital part of Credit Counsel Inc’s ecosystem is the remittance of updated information to our clients. Given how fast information updates in 2018, Credit Counsel Inc is fully integrated with the latest technology to keep our clients up to date.

At Credit Counsel Inc our main priority is to ensure that our expert employees maximize Credit Counsel Inc’s tools to collect a debt while providing our clients with a superior and ethical experience. Credit Counsel Inc is also sensitive to the privacy of our clients on a national and international basis. We have a highly skilled auditing division and our basic requirements address diligence and integrity especially shown through our twenty four hour activation of new work policy, daily activity requirements, weekly activity requirements, skip tracing efforts, adherence to management review instructions, bankruptcy notification follow up, correspondence handling, and so much more. Credit Counsel Inc has always prided itself on focusing on our clients and the future, setting ourselves apart from the competitors.

Credit Counsel Inc is focused on our current and future customers, and providing them with an experience that is is productive and helpful for their businesses. CCI is committed to having our clients have an increased and profitable cash flow, handling our client's requests daily. Credit Counsel Inc views every single client as an integral part of the Credit Counsel Inc family, and work to earn the trust of every single customer.

Built by professionals and founded with a mission to serve, Credit Counsel Inc understands the unique challenges of collecting payments on time. Credit Counsel inc exists to help clients with the highest standards of customer service.

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