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Daniel Waite Eyeing Innovative Cryptocurrency Leveraging Platform To Join Waite Enterprises

Waite Financial adds developing cryptocurrency platform to its growing portfolio of holdings with as a prime candidate to assume that role

DALLAS, TX, USA, October 3, 2018 / -- Daniel Waite is working on gathering a diversified portfolio of companies as part of Waite Financial, with as a potential crypto investment arm of the company’s growing basket. Cryptocurrency is becoming an incredibly attractive investment for many. With millennials entering the work force and developing long term investment strategies, research shows that they tend to look at cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) as investments they can relate to.

Dave Scotese, noted Bitcoin expert and investor, explains the attraction to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a payment method and an investment tool. “There is never any reason a healthy company would be unable to send bitcoin to a customer within 24 hours. No middleman, no banking system, and no external account numbers, routing numbers, or authorizations can get in the way unless the company and the customer have agreed to include them in the process. Blockchain technology provides transparency and security, and BTC or other developed cryptocurrency leveraged in a basket of investments is a great way to plan for retirement.”

Cryptocurrency is one of the more popular investments over the last decade, peaking at a max value of just under $20,000 at one point. “As the purchasing power of the dollar decays under the influence of inflation, the purchasing power of bitcoin has grown rapidly over the last several years despite its built-in inflation.” Scotese goes on to explain. “In a decade or two, the inflation built into bitcoin will be negligible because the software automatically cuts it in half about every four years. The total amount of bitcoin will never be more than twenty-one million coins whereas there is no limit to the total amount of dollars, as continuing legislation to raise the debt ceiling shows.”

While the cryptocurrency sector has seen a turbulent ride over the last decade, it has established a niche and a staying power that is undeniable. The SEC doesn’t monitor bitcoin investing or trading though it has held up quite well on its own. There is regulation in place in the State of New York, however, and more oversight and regulation in the pipeline, further legitimizing and likely stabilizing cryptocurrency.

For Daniel Waite and his newly forming diversified holding company, Waite Enterprises, the potential of the developing online cryptocurrency platform offers another attractive diversified subsidiary to compliment the health companies, contracting companies, and hard resource investments that he is consolidating. Bitco1K will likely be the first piece of the long term strategy for diversification.


Daniel is an online platform that will chronicle the philanthropic work of Mr. Daniel D. Waite, CEO of Waite Enterprises, Inc. This platform will work to help the elderly and impoverished victims who have suffered from financial downturns and economic crashes.

About is a developmental platform that will be purchasing hard assets such as gold or real estate leveraged against established cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. The investment platform will offer a diversified portfolio that utilizes blockchain technology as an underlying investment philosophy.

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