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History Publishing Company to Publish James Mischke’s The Raven and The Dove

In the Tradition of Johnathan swift

A Non- Fiction Account of Barracks,Bombers, Brothels and Buddhas. New book awakens thoughts of Jonathan Swift

The author has written a book that has classic undertones.Think Jonathan Swift and you will have an idea of what James Mischke has brought to the reading public."”
— Donagh Bracken
PALISADES, NEW YORK, US, October 3, 2018 / -- History Publishing Company will publish James Mischke’s "The Raven And The Dove," the author’s account of his experience in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War. As he opens the door to his account he issues a caveat:“While what’s related here is what I remember, it should be noted at the outset that memories may not always be reliable.”

The opening words of author James Mischke underlines his unique work, a non-fiction account of his experience as an airman during the Vietnam War. To counter any challenge to his veracity he cites Dr. Elizabeth Loftus of the Psychology Department at the University of Washington who, he wrote, “spent her entire career discrediting the confidence we place in our personal memories.” From that point he moves on to tell a fascinating story of his experience during the Vietnam War when he was stationed in Okinawa and Thailand. It is an exploration into cultures previously unknown to the author and an arrival at a deeper understanding of himself as he related to those cultures.

The subtitle of his work is a comprehensive recounting of his wartime experience.This is not a traditional action war book but a study of man and his surroundings told by an erudite man who has entered a new and foreign world adjacent to the world of conflict. Those who have been in the military will identify with the authors experiences and perhaps even smile at them; the non-military reader will enjoy the forays of a young man in his first worldly experience.

"The author has written a book that has classic undertones," says Publisher Donagh Bracken."Think Jonathan Swift and you will have an idea of what James Mischke has brought to the reading public."

James Alfred Mischke Professor Emeritus Dine College and retired psychotherapist studied the Navajo Nation and has also studied and written on the Cheyenne, his book on that tribe is forthcoming. He is a resident of Cortez, Colorado.

"The Raven And The Dove" will be published in print and electronically Nov. 21, 2018.It will be distributed internationally.

Don Bracken
History Publishing Company LLC
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