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History Publishing Company to Publish "Moments That Made America"

The Nation That Was Meant To Be

Geoff Armstrong, Historian,Educator, Researcher

Two volume set shows how America defied the odds to become the nation it became

It is a perfect fit for classroom curriculum and would do well on the bookshelves of school libraries everywhere.It should also be required reading for all public servants.”
— Donagh Bracken
PALISADES, NEW YORK, US, October 2, 2018 / -- History Publishing Company will publish the two volume set by Canadian author Geoff Armstrong about the United States and how it came to be. Volume One "From the Ice Age to the Alamo" will be published Oct. 15, 2018.

What were the moments that made America? Author Geoff Armstrong poses the question in the first volume of this far ranging set. Some were incidents that shaped the entire planet,” he writes. “One such ‘moment’ was the breakup of the super continent Pangaea that sent North America and later, South America drifting away from the giant land mass that would become Europe and Asia so that America could develop its own environment and eventually its own culture.

Unlike that continent- shaping moment two hundred million years ago, some of the events that affected America profoundly were not recognized as important when they occurred and only became obvious through the hindsight of history. And those events ranged from the insignificant moments when a Mongol leader in a faraway place got drunk; and a Germanic leader’s death in an ancient battle to a Revolutionary War battle in upstate New York when a man who would become ignominious as a traitor to the revolutionary cause, saved the day for the people he would later betray to the rise of Napoleon in Europe. In all, Geoff Armstrong points to eighty- seven incidents, small and great; had not any one of them occur, America would not have become the United States.

Geoff Armstrong brings that hindsight into clear focus and in an informative and easy reading manner and demonstrates that America’s development defied the odds to such a degree that were Las Vegas present at the very beginning, it could not imagine a number big enough to bet on America’s development to its present state of being.

"English born Geoff Armstrong’s two volume set makes a great argument, without being argumentative, that America was meant to be the great nation it became,” says Publisher Donagh Bracken.” It is a perfect fit in classroom curriculum and would do well on the bookshelves of school libraries everywhere.It should be required reading for all public servants”.

Geoff Armstrong was born in England during World War II. His father, a Canadian soldier in the Artillery was wounded by German forces in North Africa and was sent with his wife and Geoff by convoy, back to Canada. Geoff, a resident of Quebec, attended McGill University and Concordia University and had a twenty five year teaching career on the grade and high school levels. He is a business writer for a number of publicly traded companies. He now specializes in the development of SEC regulatory documents for public companies, websites and other promotional texts. He lives in Argyle, New York. Volume Two,"Moments That Made America - Civil War to Super Power" will be published in Spring, 2019.

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