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Industry 4.0 in the Sales Channel: Moving Beyond the Status Quo

Leveraging Technology in the Sales Channel

LogicBay’s John Panaccione and Consilium Global Business Advisor’s Ed Marsh host an online seminar series on Industry 4.0 Insights for the Sales Channel.

The unprecedented real-time connectivity between customers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers is driving new ways of building smarter sales channels.”
— John Panaccione
WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 25, 2018 / -- The concept of Industry 4.0 – a buzz term, also known as the fourth industrial revolution – is mostly rooted in data, analytics, autonomous learning, and the Internet of Things. The impact of smart technology, however, is not limited to the supply chain and day-to-day operations. Today’s sales channel leaders have the opportunity to radically remake the sales and distribution channel by tossing out the status quo and embracing transformation.

Of course, the goal is to reduce costs, increase productivity and market share, and drive revenue growth. Many manufacturers that have embraced change in these areas also realize the need to change the way they go about achieving these goals, addressing marketing challenges, and improve relationships with their channel partners by evolving the processes and technology used to support them. A consolidated solution that provides manufacturers and their sales channel the ability to support functions from lead management to digital marketing to training and enablement is necessary.

“The implications of the manufacturing industry’s evolution into Industry 4.0 extend beyond the manufacturing floor to the sales channel. The unprecedented real-time connectivity between customers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers is driving new ways of building smarter sales channels," says John Panaccione, CEO of LogicBay. "In the age of Industry 4.0, an innovative channel technology strategy should be at the core in order to overcome the challenges sales channel leaders face when working with dealers and distributors. This will also help gain a competitive advantage going forward. An innovative channel technology strategy is at the core of making this possible.”

Ed Marsh of Consilium Global Business Advisors adds, "Indirect sales channels power a large share of industrial sales, but everyone involved throughout the supply chain recognizes that buyer expectations and market pressures are changing the roles and relationships. Companies that can adapt technology, and sales and marketing models, can improve results, boost buyer satisfaction, and nurture channel collaboration and success."

If you're eager to adapt your sales channel and wish to learn more, join LogicBay’s Online Seminar Series Industry 4.0: Insights for Sales Channel Leaders. The three-part series will begin on Wednesday, October 3, 2 PM ET, and will provide information on how to reach your channel goals, address marketing challenges, and improve relationships with your channel partners and end users by evolving processes, technology and mindset. Learn more here:

About John Panaccione, President & CEO, LogicBay Corporation: John has over 18 years of experience leading teams that focus on using technology to improve corporate performance. As CEO of LogicBay, John works with leading companies to develop and implement strategies for scaling indirect sales channels using a combination of services and technology that LogicBay offers.

About Ed Marsh, Consultant & Speaker, Consilium Global Business Advisors: Ed’s a consultant and speaker who helps B2B companies sell more. Working with companies to understand how buying habits are evolving, Ed then helps companies adapt strategy and implement technology to grow sales globally through direct and indirect channels.

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Industry 4.0 in the Sales Channel