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Booty Bands Welcomes 5,000 Members in Just 8 Months

booty bands attracts 5000 members in 8 months.

In just over 8 months, Booty Bands has managed to become a community of over 5000 members that share their stories with each other and so much more.

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2018 / -- San Diego, California - Booty Bands, a program dedicated to helping women achieve a balanced mindset and their fitness goals through customized workout programs and diet plans, has welcomed their 5000th member within the first 8 months of the company’s inception of their private community.

The company started off with an aim to help women achieve the body they have always wanted and really become the woman they want to be. Booty Bands promoted a sense of realization of self love and a sense of community to all its buyers and the idea of a loving community has done wonderful things for them, as the company announced that they are now a family of over 5000 members and still growing.

“It feels so good, really satisfying to see so many ladies coming together, sharing their stories and really feeling confident about their bodies” Danita said. “It’s so great to see my life’s work help so many women out there as this is what I set out to do to really connect, to really help women become confident with themselves, their bodies”

It has been a immense journey for both the company and Danita herself. Starting off with just an idea to help women become who they truly are. However, Booty Bands as a company did not just want to be a product. They wanted to be more, they really wanted to connect with their customers.

For this reason only, Danita put her life’s work into not just creating a physical Booty Band that would be taken as just another product, but also creating the right workouts, the right diet plans, and most importantly creating a journey of development and self-love, with guidance coming from Danita herself every step of the way.

There was no guarantee of the whole thing working but the entire management remained hopeful and right they were, as a community of over 5000 members is proof of it working all together.

“We really are so happy to have touched so many lives” Danita said. “ But this does not stop here and I want to really help as many women as possible”

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