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Famous Nutritionist, Pharmacist and Author Partners with RX Canna Care for New Product Line

Rx Canna Care

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Dr. Earl Mindell‘s latest book ‘Healing With Hemp CBD Oil’ has been the catalyst for a partnership with Rx Canna Care.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 27, 2018 / -- Dr. Earl Mindell ‘s latest book ‘Healing With Hemp CBD Oil’ has been the catalyst for a partnership project. RX Canna Care, LLC will be creating a new product line for Savvy Wellness, LLC.

Dr. Earl Mindell, the famous author of over 62 books on nutrition, health, and anti-aging has recently published ‘ Healing With Hemp CBD Oil: A Simple Guide To Using the Powerful and Proven Health Benefits of CBD’.

Dr. Mindell is a pioneer in the natural health and wellness industry. His prolific contribution of natural guides to health has helped thousands of people seeking natural health alternatives. His famous international best seller ‘The Vitamin Bible’ has sold over 11 million copies in 35 languages.

‘Healing With Hemp CBD Oil’ gets rave reviews for the easy to read, clearly researched information on CBD. Dr. Mindell has always been ahead of the curve and it looks like the popularity of his latest book is hitting a nerve for CBD information seekers.

In addition to his invaluable information creations, Dr. Mindell has recently become involved in the development of a CBD product line for Savvy Wellness LLC.

Savvy Wellness formed a partnering relationship with RX CannaCare’s Founder and CEO, Twompson Prater, to create a line of quality CBD products.

Twompson’s extensive experience with cannabis and his development of a top quality CBD Skin Care line was the motivation for Savvy Wellness to seek him out for partnering.

Twompson’s original creation of RX CannaCare skincare products was an act of love for his sister, Alyxis. She was suffering from severe skin disorders and was using pharmaceutical products that were often hurting more than helping.

Prater had been prominent in the Cannabis industry in California for 15 years. One day he got a call from his sister, saying something like, “Hey big weed man, I really need help with my skin disorder! What can you do?”

Twompson was confident that he could create something that would help. That was the beginning of RX Canna Cream. The results for Alyxis were very promising. In her story, she said, “Not much time passed before I was seeing significant results from the Canna Cream. It was starting to make my skin look human again. It helped take away the intolerable itching feeling. It also put moisture back into my skin, especially where the steroid cream had done damage. Most of all, after a month or so, the itching and the visible appearance was completely gone.”

Because of Alyxis‘s eventual success and healing, she encouraged Twompson to develop more products and start a company. That is how RX Canna Care LLC was born.

One of the things that Twompson explored, when researching to develop his first Canna Cream, was the unnecessary ingredients he found in the products that were prescribed to his sister. He questioned why she kept breaking out and having unmanageable reactions. He then realized it was the ‘other ingredients’ that were there mainly as preservatives, to extend the products shelf life, that were the culprit. Those ingredients also blocked the effectiveness of the medicinal ingredients. The importance of using natural botanical ingredients with the CBD cannot be overstated.

After a running start in the CBD infused Skin Care industry, RX Canna Care is consistently on the innovative edge of this booming market. The number of people that suffer from skin disorders and other health-related issues is astronomical. CBD oil and Skin Care are proving to be a powerful natural alternative to chemically compounded treatments.

Dr. Mindell has been in the forefront of the natural health industry for many years. His profound understanding of natural healing and use of natural products is the foundation of his involvement in the Savvy Wellness CBD product line. His extensive research and subsequent book on CBD Oil has opened the way for this new business venture.

The partnering of Savvy Wellness with RX CannaCare is a significant contribution to the CBD products industry. With Twompson Prater at the helm of product development, Savvy Wellness will be able to offer top quality CBD infused, natural products that ‘Help and Heal’.

Dr. Mindell has weighed in and taken action in delivering the message of the vast benefits of CBD Oil. His book ‘Healing With Hemp CBD Oil’ is quickly becoming a favorite information source. The partnership of RX CannaCare and Savvy Wellness promises to deliver products that will soon be getting rave reviews!

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