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Just Imagine If We Had Oprah and Her Experts Pushing for Emotional Health(EH) Instead of EI!

Brain and mind are two separate entities and so mind and brain education are different.

The quality of the self-image determines the quality of life for individuals, groups and countries.

Wisdom power is emotional health power.

Emotionally Healthy Brain Generates Emotional Intelligence.

Create your pure self by healing your brain through brain education.

Stop letting your emotional baggage rule your life.

EI is the smoke where emotional health (EH) is the fire, yet our experts keep trying to create the smoke instead of lighting the fire.

Oprah & her experts must wake up to the true nature of EI. EI is a fragrance of an emotionally healthy brain and like all fragrances it cannot be created on its own. The brain has to be healed into EH”
— Sajid Khan
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, July 19, 2018 / -- It is amazing that our experts have focused on emotional intelligence, even though it is a secondary entity. It is a fragrance of the brain, which means emotional intelligence cannot be created on its own, just like to improve the fragrance of a flower, the plant has to be improved.

We have tens of thousands of books explaining and defining emotional intelligence as an independent stand-alone entity. So our experts continue to try to teach emotional intelligence directly as if it is a subject like math or science! Emotional intelligence is a sport where it is the brain that has to be trained to generate healthy biochemicals.

Oprah and her experts continue to try to find better and better ways to teach emotional intelligence. It is like trying to find better and better ways to create smoke without lighting the fire. Just imagine how easy it will be to create smoke by lighting the fire. The fire, in this case, is emotional health (EH).

Just Imagine if we had Oprah and Her Experts Pushing for Emotional Health(EH) instead of EI!

Oprah has done immortal work in taking up emotional intelligence and helping it become center stage. However, her accomplishments will remain half-baked as long as she does not help define the true nature of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence springs from emotional health so her focus must shift to creating emotional health.

Look at the consequences of not figuring out the true nature of EH!

Ei is the smoke where EH is the fire. If only Oprah and our experts would focus on creating EH instead of EI, the mess in society and in education will melt away.

For decades Oprah and her experts have marketed EI and now when I am pointing out to her that she needs to correct this blunder and if she still continues to push for EI, and not push EH instead; then she leaves me no choice but to challenge her and her experts to prove me wrong.

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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EI, wisdom and all emotions can now be measured. Thus making EI and wisdom into a science.