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As we see it, Wearables Technology Product companies are stuck with inadequate solutions”
— Richard J. Maertz, Inventor of BioPod Technology
LOS ANGELES , CALIFORNIA, USA, June 20, 2018 / -- Meramark Ventures announces latest additions to growing Hearables Technology IP with USPTO publication of USPTO Patent # 9,782,084 (Issued October 10, 2017), and BioPod® Divisional Application and Claims published by the USPTO January 11, 2018.

BioPod® Technology’s latest concept, BioPod® 2 takes full advantage of the power of BioPod® Technology’s exclusive and proprietary IP, creating potential that is unheard of in current Wearables /Hearables technology and isn’t available on any other platform. “As we see it, Wearables Technology Product companies are stuck with inadequate solutions,” says Richard J. Maertz, Inventor of BioPod® Technology. He continues, “On one hand, you have the fitness band/watch category that lacks a full range of technical capability to provide important vitals data to their customers, while they are more convenient. Current Hearables technology has improved sensors and vitals data collecting capabilities and the ear offers superior biometric feedback capabilities to wrist mounted devices”

This disparity in products currently in the market provided an opportunity for BioPod® Technology to showcase what could possibly be the future of Wearables/Hearables Technology. We created an entirely new concept system that allows the best features of both worlds to be integrated into a singular system. Multi-function sensors provide ultimate flexibility for users and it’s unique design potential allows for a sleek and stylish solution that takes Wearable capabilities to a whole new level. Storage for the BioPod® EarPods is integrated into a watch/fitness band configuration that makes everything easily accessible. We’ve even added a hidden foldable display screen that folds away when not in use. The EarPods have dual configurations with a convenient compact design for general use and a telescoping Pro Boom attachment that provides Expressed CO2 monitoring for the ultimate capabilities for Pro-level athletes and future ones. It also provides remote respiratory care functions and monitoring right in your own home.

BioPod®’s Unique Patented Features

• Remote Patient and Athlete Monitoring • Secure Direct Communications with Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers, Family, Coaches, Trainers and more. • Data collected from ear sensors and other associated sensors includes: Heart Rate, Temperature, Oxygen Saturation, and End Tidal CO2.
• Data can be accessed continuously or intermittently with 24/7/365 direct communications available between users and a wide range of affiliates. • Audio Alerts and Haptic Feedback-enabled for real-time notifications for out of range high and low readings along with providing crucial communications such as prescription reminders, remote physical therapy and training data alerts, clinical trial regimen guidelines and much more!

BioPod® can be the conduit for additional sensors on the body of the user, both external and implanted sensors. Oxygen Saturation and Expressed CO2 are available through BioPod®’s patents and are crucial to all Healthcare and Homecare patients to properly determine lung function and provide remote monitoring for respiratory-challenged patients. Expressed CO2 is also a key indicator for Fitness and Sports training utilizing VO2 Max biometric readings to determine an individual’s oxygen intake and oxygen utilization. Expressed CO2 biometric readings are required to achieve these advanced calculations which are a key feature of BioPod® Technology’s patents and IP.

BioPod® offers a broad range of applications for the following fields: Healthcare/Homecare, IoMT, Fitness & Sport, Big Data, Smart Home, Military, Mixed Reality, and Video Gaming.

BioPod® is a registered trademark of Meramark Ventures, LLC. For more information or investor/partnership and licensing info, and BioPod® Technology presentation visit BioPod Tech Website and or email us to arrange an appointment at:

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