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Nina M. Kelly to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2018 / -- Although our world is undoubtedly a beautiful place to live we tragically we must face the darkness that lurks menacingly in every corner. With so many petrifying and heinous acts it can be overwhelmingly daunting to be optimistic. What can we do to overcome these devastating challenges and remain hopeful?

Nina M. Kelly is an exceptional mythologist, humanitarian, an author and contributing author of the several books, she authored” Grace Has A Silent Voice” and a contributing author to Saving Wednesday’s Child,” Amazon Best Sellers, “Success Mastery,” with Jack Canfield, “The Big Question” with Larry King.

She is also a partner of Four Women Films and executive producer of the short provocative film Dandelion.

“I was always instructed early in life to look in a forward direction,” says Nina. “My outlook has been one of positivity by continually seeing humanity through the eyes of hope and I have chosen to live my life that way.”

As a little girl Nina was profoundly inspired by her mother who admirably taught her young daughter to graciously recognize and value the good in people and by her aunt a former teacher who started a school for mentally and physically handicapped children removing them from the institutionalized setting.

“it’s imperative as a community we aspire to lead our children by being exemplary role models,” says Nina. “Through more upcoming documentaries I hope to illustrate how significant it is to guide the children and one future aspiration is to write children’s books with thought provoking life lessons.”

Nina is passionately devoted to serve as a conduit for the individual to heal through the power of story. This was exemplified through her life work particularly having worked for years with dying patients.

“I feel honored to have been with people in the most traumatic time of their lives and what a blessing it was to have been in their presence.”

Nina as an executive producer for the poignant documentary premiering, June 12th, named “A New Leash on Life: The K9’s for Warriors” serves as a testament to her passion of healing through animals and their amazingly pivotal and endearing role as healers for veterans plagued by Post traumatic stress disorder. Animals are pure healers who intuitively sense the people that with genuinely kind hearts since they epitomize love and wholesomeness. With these specially trained companion dogs the wounded veterans regain their sense of purpose and confidence to re-enter into the mainstream of life once again.

“Life is all about the essence of love through the vehicle of being able to express one’s individual story” states Nina. “We each have our personal journey and the ability to identify your story is the beginning of your path toward healing.”

Nina encourages individuals to keep the vibrations flowing. Life is a powerful energetic force and loving one another could be the biggest lesson we learn on this earth.

“Every story is significant,” says Nina. “Embrace your story and let it out proudly to the world and let’s inspire one another. Take a deep breath and live life to the fullest. The next chapter of my life is to sing and dance and spread the word everywhere I can.”

CUTV news will feature Nina M. Kelly in an interview with Jim Masters on Monday June 18th at 10 a.m. EST.

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