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The Panacea for America's Economic, Social and Educational Ills is an Emotionally Healthy America.

Identify with the mind and with it heal the brain.

use the Brain and Mind to Improve Each Other.

Know, understand and become your +2 pure self.

Emotional intelligence comes from emotional health.

Emotional health is the panacea for a wise America.

America has to be powered by emotional health.

50% of health is emotional health yet emotional health is below the radar screen of our leaders & experts. There is no testing or manual for emotional health.

Emotional intelligence is the smoke where emotional health is the fire. No wonder teaching emotional intelligence is as fuzzy as ever. It is like trying to create smoke without lighting the fire.”
— Sajid Khan, Ensure Wisdom Through Emotionally Healthy Parenting.
WASHINGTON, DC, DC, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2018 / -- It is quite clear that spending money on public health has a positive rippling effect on all aspects of life. 50% of health is emotional health and yet emotional health is below the radar screen of our leaders and our experts. Not only is there no testing of emotional health there are no guideline instructions or manuals for emotional health.

There is infrastructure for curing mental illnesses but I am not talking about curing sub-normal people into becoming normal. I am saying that out of the so-called 'normal' masses, the majority are emotionally challenged respectively from mild to severe. Given the advances in the mind sciences, we can take the said normal and effectively heal them into super normal.

Today America is unnecessarily an emotionally challenged society simply because we have still not figured out the true nature of emotional intelligence. There are a few facts I would like to clear about emotional intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is considered to be a stand-alone, independent entity when it is a secondary entity. Emotional intelligence is the smoke where emotional health is the fire. Just as smoke is created by lighting fire, emotional intelligence will be generated only by the creation of emotional health. It is practically impossible to generate smoke without lighting the fire, no wonder teaching emotional intelligence is just as hard. yet our experts are focused on trying to teach emotional intelligence directly. By creating emotional health, emotional intelligence will emerge effortlessly.

Another stumbling block to making America emotionally healthy is our experts' ignorance of the true nature of the mind and its relationship with the brain. The brain and mind are lumped together as the mind when these are two separate entities. As a result brain and mind education are put together as just mind education. Any wonder that we have 44,000 books on happiness and not one makes us happy! It is because these books try to teach the mind happiness and when the brain is wired to generate unhappiness then it is the brain that needs to be healed. Regular education is a function of the mind and emotional-intelligence/emotional-health education is a function of the brain. The question is why to make the brains of our children emotionally challenged in the first place and why we do not have emotional health testing and brain healing guidelines for the rest. (Instead of the current mind therapy just for the mentally challenged).

Emotional health is 50% of health and yet there are no guidelines nor any testing of emotional health. We must make the testing and teaching of Emotional Health mandatory. An emotionally healthy mind and brain is the silver bullet for all kinds of social and educational ills. All the ills of society are emotionally challenged behavior that stems from emotionally challenged brains.

The biggest hole in the economy, education, and society that needs fixing is emotional health, the neglected part of health. Yesterday there was Senate hearing on rural health. Emotional health was not even on the radar screen. I shared my solutions for focusing on emotional health with the Senators and the experts at the hearing, the question is will they now take action?

I am proposing a whole new department of Emotional Health in every university, hospital, organization and even jail. Here are my reasons:

The other experts have focused on teaching and developing emotional intelligence while I have focused on emotional health. Emotional intelligence is the smoke where emotional health is the fire. No wonder teaching emotional intelligence education is as fuzzy as ever. It is like trying to create smoke without lighting the fire. By focusing on emotional health there is no fuzziness. Emotional health can be defined, measured and cultivated scientifically. An emotional baggage free brain generates emotional intelligence effortlessly. Please google, 'braintecness' to see how effective is my path to a wise and emotionally intelligent world through emotional health.

Wisdom 3.0

A very simple paradigm shift is all that is required to change the current chaotic world mess into an authentic wisdom powered world of harmonious order. The current world mess clearly stems from a nonlinear definition of wisdom. All that is required is to change the current fuzzy definition of wisdom to a predictable phenomenon. Let’s just change the definition of wisdom from being a philosophy to being a science. Wisdom and emotional intelligence are one and the same. They both stem from emotional health. The simple trick is to define wisdom as emotional health. Emotional health is as scientific a phenomena as they come. Focusing on emotional health will generate wisdom effortlessly.

A plan to create emotional health will replace the ills of society with a massive positive change that will mean not just successful sustainability but a super#full-means-ability. Combined with the effects of a wise society the creation of a Wisdom Industry will create massive jobs in all corners of the world which will result in huge economic gains. Just imagine a free Wisdom Land franchise with branches all over the world. Just imagine a whole new profession of Brain Healers, WisdomSeminar Leaders, Wise Parenting Coaches, Jail Instructors, Leadership Coaches, Happiness Coaches etc.

Sajid Khan
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Quantifying the mind. Thus enabling the measurement of emotions, emotional intelligence, wisdom and emotional health.