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Nancy Philpott of Heart Sync Wellness Center to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

GEORGETOWN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2018 / -- The profession of nursing attracts people with a great deal of compassion. The job demands it. But according to a recent study by the American Nurses Association, 82 percent of nurses are overworked and stressed out. As a result, poor health habits are quite common among nurses because they’ve learned to care for other people, not themselves.

Compassion fatigue is the physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion associated with caring for patients in significant emotional pain and physical distress. It is a unique form of burnout that affects individuals in caregiving roles. With the growing demand for nurses as Baby Boomers age, the serious shortage of nurses expanding across the U.S., and a projection that more than 1 million nurses will retire in the next five to ten years, compassion fatigue represents a looming healthcare crisis.

Nancy Philpott is the founder of the Heart Sync Wellness Center. A registered nurse for over 30 years specializing in health administration, today Philpott is also a certified coach and a certified hypnotherapist, helping nurses, healthcare professionals, and caregivers and achieve health success.

“My legacy is to make an impact by improving the health of nurses, caregivers, and healthcare professionals,” says Philpott. “I'm committed to help that population recognize, prevent, and recover from compassion fatigue and burnout, get healthier, and create a new habit of taking care of themselves.”

The story of Heart Sync Wellness Center began when Philpott’s mother passed away. Her profound grief disrupted her passion for nursing: she had devoted her entire life to helping people, but she couldn't save her mother so she didn't want to do it anymore. She would later discover she had the classic symptoms of compassion fatigue.

“Most healthcare professionals have no clue it’s happening while it's happening,” says Philpott. “The very first time I had to take care of a patient with severe trauma, it was traumatizing to me, but I was able to disconnect from my feelings and step up and do what I had to do. That's what nurses and healthcare professionals do and we do it very well. What we don't do very well is reconnect with ourselves and take care of ourselves.”

In the final weeks of her mother’s life, Philpott made her a promise: she would quit smoking. Nancy had been a smoker for 37 years but with one session of hypnotherapy, she quit for good and hasn’t smoked since. The experience was so profound, Nancy made a new promise: she would train to become a hypnotherapist and open the Heart Sync Wellness Center to help people eliminate their limiting beliefs through hypnosis.

Today, Nancy is caring for people again, just in a new, different way. The Heart Sync Wellness Center opened its doors in 2007 and now has two locations: one in Round Rock; the other in Georgetown.

“Our heart leads us down the path to what we want for joy and happiness, but our brain is there to protect us. It's going to override our heart all the time unless we learn how to re-establish that connection and get our head and heart on the same page,” says Philpott. “It was a transformational experience that changed me personally and professionally. Hypnosis can inspire an amazing change in people in a short period of time.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Nancy Philpott in an interview with Jim Masters on May 31st at 11am EDT.

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