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Clean Drive Project

Lithuanian company aims to establish a global network of electric vehicles charging stations and electric car rental services.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, May 14, 2018 / -- Lithuanian company, MGP Investicija, with business partners in the USA, Switzerland and Poland aims to establish the international electric vehicles infrastructure service. The Clean Drive project (“Clean Drive”) will enable the use of smart charging and electric vehicles rental services. The goal of this worldwide project is to promote the culture of shared use of electric vehicles and charging stations. It expects to sign the partnership agreements with USA and Switzerland based companies in the near future.

Remigijus Simasius, the mayor of Vilnius – the capital city of Lithuania – has recently joined the project team of the “Clean Drive”. According to Mr. Simasius, “Vilnius is among the cleanest capitals in Europe, but we know that there are major challenges in Europe to reduce the air pollution caused by the transportation sector. Electric vehicles and sustainable energy production is the future, and we will support the project and help it in the development stage”.

The fact is that air pollution is a big concern in this area. According to the International Energy Agency, the transport sector produces around 25% of the total CO2 emissions. Electric vehicles are widely supported in the USA and European Union aiming to reduce the air pollution and the CO2 emissions. However, electric vehicles in the USA and Europe still greatly outnumber public charging stations. Publicly available charging stations are not evenly distributed accross the markets. This is exactly why MGP Investicija has decided to focus their efforts on coming up with a solution that offers users convenience while helping to address the environmental needs and concerns that people have these days. By making electric cars a choice that is as convenient as gas vehicles, the hope is that more people will make the switch to more eco-friendly options.

Accessibility is crucial for every aspect of a person’s life. There are a lot of people who want to be more environmentally responsible but with few options for charging their cars, electric cars are not a reasonable choice. Times are changing and MGP Investicija wants to lead the charge ahead to the future.

The Clean Drive project, according to the CEO of MGP Investicija Gediminas Gabrielaitis, aims to set a new blockchain technology based open source standard in the electric charging and car rental markets. He estimates that electric car stock will be around 20-30% by 2030. Mr. Gabrielaitis points out that there is no common standard of the electric car charging stations connections and charging payment services for electric car fleet that is constantly growing since 2010. “There was a need for this project, and it was something that this company was very passionate about.” There needs to be a better way to approach this, and the Clean Drive project could very well be the solution the transportation industry needs.

The Clean Drive project will create the simple mobile device app with a number of features allowing the user to find and reserve the charging stations, get the information about user experience, find the nearest car and book it without the participation of any third-party, as well as to initiate the ‘crowd-funding’ for the development of new charging stations voted by the users of the app. This will streamline the entire process of being socially responsible. It will address the needs of people in specific areas who are looking for charging stations to make traveling more efficient for drivers of electric cars.

Finding charging stations is not the only benefit of this technology. There is also the benefit of ease and convenience. Today’s world is all about instant gratification. With smartphones, everyone has grown accustomed to getting whatever they want the instant that they want to. Car rentals should be exactly the same way. Except, with the Clean Drive project people get quick and easy access to electric cars. Improving the customer experience while being eco-friendly is exactly what the world needs right now.

The use of highly innovative concepts of blockchain technology and crowd-funding is what makes MGP Investicija stand out from other companies. This company utilizes everything that they have learned in this industry and what they anticipate this industry could become.

The Clean Drive project expects to collect 40 mln. EUR for the project funding through initial coin offering that is expected to be released by the end of 2018. Later on, companies will be established in the USA and Switzerland to carry out the operations. There is hope for further growth in the industry, but this will be addressed after seeing how it performs in these countries. For now, this project is on track for its early ICO offering.

This is just the beginning. While the Clean Drive Project is starting out in Europe, the hope is that the need for this type of service will expand to the global level. These days, it is all about the reduction of one’s carbon footprint. As more initiatives like this one are offered, more people will choose the eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional way of transportation. There is a lot of growth that can be offered here, which is why MGP Investicija is the perfect company to get this done. With its business partners in various locations across the globe, there is a lot of potential that people can get excited about.

MGP Investicija wants to raise awareness about this project and how this company is moving forward with the process. This project requires the users to be active participants in the process. “As more people get involved in the project, the more successful that it will be. This is to make people aware of the Clean Drive project so that they can make use of this amazing service.”

If you are looking to learn more about the Clean Drive project, you should look around the website: You can also email the company to get more information and ask any questions that you may have about the company and the Clean Drive project.

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