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Alexander Golberg Jero: The Art of Problem Solving

Alexander Golberg Jero Research on Brain Functions and Executive Problem Solving Techniques.

Two Parts of a Beautiful Mind to Concur the Universe ”
— Alexander Golberg Jero
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, April 20, 2018 / -- Critical thinking skills and precise thinking skills come from 2 different parts of your brain. What this means for you is that you should be utilizing your entire brain especially if you are thinking in the abstract to come up with an important decision in your life. Think about the problem in the abstract, as this will help you to come to the right solution for your problem. This will help you to take a closer look at the art of problem solving and the science behind brain functions so that you can get a better understanding for how all of this works.
The most important thing to remember in this entire problem-solving process is that your brain utilizes different parts depending on the task that it is doing. By learning how the brain functions, you can better learn how to employ the different parts of your brain to use your brain more effectively. When you practice these skills enough, coming up with the right decision will come naturally because you have learned all about how the thought process works.
The first part of this is to understand the brain function and how it applies to critical thinking and other tasks. This is the basis for the entire process. There has been a lot of research into brain functions, especially when it comes to creativity. There was a recent study on this where researchers looked at the brain scans of individuals who were looking for innovative ways to use common products that we use every day. This study showed that the creative brain is just wired a bit differently from other people. Creative people are able to simultaneously stimulate brain networks that generally do not work with each other. These was evidence in this study of 3 different subnetworks that were in play when creative people think: the default mode network, salience network, and executive control network. Each of these subnetworks is shown to have a huge impact on creative thought.
The default mode network is believed to be the part that is involved in mental stimulation and memory. Theoretically speaking, it is this part that is used for imagination and spontaneous thinking as well as for brainstorming. The salience network is the area that is believed to detect any valuable information in the environment and mentally. This study shows that this could be the area that is responsible for sorting through any ideas that come from the default mode network. The last subnetwork, the executive control network, is believed to allow the brain to focus on any good ideas while discarding any that are not working. This is one theory that can help offer some insight in the creative thinking process.
It is also important to know all about executive functions. Executive functions are known as being the highest cognitive processes, which are responsible for your critical thinking skills. These critical thinking skills take place in the prefrontal cortex. There are other cognitive functions that take place that are relevant to this process, but the executive functions are the most complex of these functions. The functions of our prefrontal cortex are what separates us from other animals because it is so much more complex. Memory and learning takes place in the hippocampus, making you utilize this part of the brain for your critical thinking skills as well. Visual processing and auditory processing takes place in different parts of the brain as well.
Now that you know all about the biology of problem solving, it is now time to get into the conditions of the process. You first need to think about the obstruct with the same attention that you think about the problem. The abstract should never be related to the problem at all, as this can pose some problems with the thought process. Never exaggerate the problem because this can make you feel more anxious and it can hinder your problem-solving skills. This all means that you should be separating the problem and the abstract so that you will not be thinking about these at the same time.
A trick that can be very helpful here is that the abstract can be generated from the subjects and objects found within the environment around you. There does not need to be any particular meaning to the abstract; it’s just there for your own personal reference. Every problem that you are trying to think through requires you to come up with its own unique abstract. You are also able to use the dreams that you have at night as an abstract for your problems if you think about them on a daily basis.
Having a little bit (or even a lot of) messy disorganization in your work can be very helpful to this process, as this can help you to generate the abstract for making executive decisions. Think about this abstract right after you finish analyzing the problems. At times like this, ignore logic. Logic can actually hinder this process because it can prevent you from thinking outside of the box, which is necessary for creative thinking. You should also never use substances, like drugs or alcohol, as this will also get in the way of your critical thinking process.
Creative thinking has a long process to it but by using this knowledge, you are going to be able to naturally come up with the creative solutions to any problem. There is an art to problem solving, but to do this better you need to know the brain functions and tips how to use them to your advantage. Eventually, you will naturally come up with solutions without having to second guess your every decision. Master the art of problem solving to become an innovator; someone who changes the way other people see things. Everyone has the ability to think outside of the box and I want to encourage people to change the way they currently think to become a creative thinker. When you do, the possibilities will be endless.

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