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Alexander Golberg Jero - First Virtual Conductor of Music and Sound

Alexander Golberg Jero and his Surround Records International Collaboration of Performers on High Definition Music Card.

Each individual sound can have its unique location in 3-Dimensional Space”
— Alexander Golberg Jero
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 25, 2018 / -- Classical music is timeless and has been celebrated for centuries. There have been remixes and additions to classical music but doing something completely revolutionary like what Alexander Goldberg Jero has done is absolutely innovative. While others may have taken an approach of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach, Alexander Goldberg Jero decided that there was a better way to approach recording classical music. This will explore this innovative conductor who has become the first virtual conductor of music and sound.
Jero came over to New York from Russia and worked his way around the industry until he moved to Detroit. Here, he used his background in classical music and combined that with his efforts in multichannel surround sound techno music. This gave him a well-rounded background that helped him to accomplish everything that he has done in his career to this point. This inspired something in him to use technology to enhance classical music.
As technology has improved, the techniques involved in recording music have followed along especially within the past few years. You can certainly hear this when it comes to pop music that is on the radio. What you may not have really considered is that these same techniques can be applied to recording classical music as well. The idea of a live ensemble recordings is not what it used to be. In a contrast to the traditional way of doing this, Jero will bring in each of the sections separately then record them. He will utilize any previous recordings that he has as reference material to ensure that everything is as it is supposed to be. After each of these sections have recorded their music, Jero begins his job in the studio. He works tirelessly to assemble the final product in the mixing room.
This is a highly unusual approach to recording and mixing this type of music, especially for a genre that is revered by many as organic like classical music is. The reactions of the listener may be colored by any knowledge of how this technology has helped to craft the very architecture of any performance. Because of his highly advanced skills in this field, Alexander has a private recording contract with numerous well-known musicians and orchestras. This gave him the ability to form the Surround Records International Collaboration of Performers.
You may be wondering more about this musical experience that Jero offers listeners and performers alike. When music is mixed, there are so many tools that technology offers to enhance the music such as pitch correction. This allows musicians that may not be as skilled sound a lot better. Technology has dramatically increased since the early days and pitch correction and auto-tune are not the only things now that music editors can do to create amazing music.
When it came to classical music, people looked at it as the last genre that would preserve the idea of a live ensemble experience for listeners. Times changed when choral composers, such as Eric Whitacre, innovated the concept of the “virtual choir”. What this does is allow musicians from different areas, even separated by continents, can come together to sing by using such media as YouTube. Under the same principle, you now have Alexander Goldberg Jero assembling orchestra in the same manner.
His innovation in the music industry has helped him to become the popular name that he is recognized as today. He has mastered the art of mixing music, causing him to be highly sought after for his skills. Jero was became the first winner of the renowned First Surround Music Awards for Best New Surround Music Composition. This amazing honor was presented to him by United Entertainment in 2002 for his Technical and Artistic talents when it comes to creating the music in Surround Sound.
Some would say that this composer has completely revolutionized this industry, changing how people view classical music. They would be right. His innovations have helped to change the world of orchestras and how people listen to this timeless music. These innovations almost take classic music to a completely different level. The music that he mixes gets many layers to it, enhancing the experience for the listeners. His pieces are unlike anything you will hear elsewhere, creating his own piece of music history that you will want to be a part of as a music lover. You can get lost in this music as he works his magic to create enchanting mixes of classical music. You will experience his music in 3D, appealing to all of your senses while you take in the talented musical talents that Jero shares with his audience.
One great example of this is Jero’s take on Mozart’s Requiem. You will experience something completely magical when listening to his composition of this song. It was always a very profound and powerful piece in its more natural form but thanks to this 3D experience that he has created for this song, it has elevated this classic time piece. Because of his skills, he has been recruited to work as part of productions so that these can be enhanced by his musical talents. His composition skills make him an ideal partner for filmmakers who want the perfect soundtrack for their work of art.
Classical music has survived the times because of the purity in the music. Orchestras and symphonies are incredibly popular even today. Alexander Goldberg Jero is changing the way we listen to classical music due to his revolutionary approach to classical music. Musicians should take advantage of technology as a way to keep their music relevant. People want more than just listening to music. They go to shows to watch a performance and to have an experience. Jero gives this experience that classical music fans did not even know they wanted. He is taking advantage of this technology to give music fans something more and it will be very exciting to see what more he brings to the classical music table.

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