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Albert Koetsier to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

LAKE ELSINORE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2018 / -- Many paintings inspire us so deeply they genuinely touch our souls and emotions. When an artist’s work is particularly unique and enormously captivating they becomes recognized throughout the entire world.

Albert is an exceptionally talented photographer and founder of the company “Beyond Light” and author of the book entitled “Beyond Light: The X-Ray Photography of Nature.”

“Because I use these amazing X- ray techniques my art thoroughly embodies the hidden and inexplicable beauty of nature that people cannot perceive by looking at it with the normal eye,” says Albert. “From a physical standpoint X-rays are beyond light because I show nature outside of what you see. If I make an X- ray picture of a beautiful flower it becomes even lovelier and more awe inspiring in an enigmatic, mysterious way.”

Beginning In the mid- 1960s Albert was hired by a very reputable company that produced medical X-rays and eventually held a well-regarded position for over 25 years. When Albert realized he could actually generate more earnings selling his art he promptly left his position and started his business “Beyond Light.” Committed, energetic, and with steadfast determination Albert spent many rewarding and exciting years traveling all over the United States attending the most notable art fairs and selling a substantial amount of art until he finally retired.

“I own an original, authentic X -ray machine I purchased in 1990 that still works perfectly until I retired about a year ago,” says Albert. It’s vital to own your own machine if you want to be a working artist.”

Currently Albert’s art posters are sold through hundreds of companies including internationally. He has a collection of thousands of award- winning highly revered pictures he has create over the course of his career. On Albert has the coveted honor of being named one of the top 10 Photo artist in the world.

“No art has done art anything close to the originality of my art,” says Albert. “It is an innovative art form cause you see things you have never seen before that is essentially unparalleled to any other art ever created.”

Albert has been a part time professor of Art and Science History at the University of California in Riverside for over 8 years. He also holds a Masters in engineering.

“I thoroughly enjoy talking about art and science and I’m eternally grateful that because of science we have such a magnificent affable life on earth,” says Albert. “My hope is to guide my students to acquire an enhanced appreciation of art and science.”

Albert astutely advises aspiring artists the most ideal method to profit from their work is by going to art fair as opposed to agencies or galleries.

“It’s very important in life that people enjoy the beauty of the universe as it is appreciated in all forms of art,” says Albert. “I am deeply honored to hold a special position in the art world where I developed an unusual exhibit of beautiful art from the universe that hopefully all people can value for eternity.”

CUTV news will feature Albert Koetsier in an interview with Doug Llewelyn February 19th at 11 a.m. EST.

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