Invokana® Ketoacidosis, Lower Limb Amputations, Kidney Damage Claims Now Under Review with Personal Injury Law Firms

Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys & Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys announced they are now accepting Invokana® serious injury class action claims for review.

Our attorneys are prepared to speak up for anyone who may have been harmed by Invokana® or other SGLT2 inhibitor drugs and to even the odds in a courtroom if need be.”
— Glen Lerner, ESQ.
LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2017 / -- In response to recent allegations of harm (Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation reports 952 actions pending regarding Invokana® products liability litigation as of 12/18/2017), the personal injury law firms of Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys and Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys announced they are now accepting Invokana® diabetic ketoacidosis, lower limb amputation, and kidney damage claims for review. These allegations claim that Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Janssen) failed to adequately test the drug and warn of its risk.

Invokana® (generic name: canagliflozin) was manufactured by Janssen, a division of Johnson & Johnson, and was the first SGLT2 inhibitor approved for sale in the U.S. in March of 2013. (source:

Since then these other SGLT2 inhibitor diabetes drug have also been brought to the market:

● Invokamet® (canagliflozin/metformin)
● Farxiga® (dapagliflozin)
● Xigduo XR® (dapagliflozin/metformin)
● Jardiance® (empagliflozin)
● Glyxambi® (empagliflozin/linagliptin)

In September of 2015, the FDA approved the publication of a post-marketing study that Janssen was ordered to conduct when Invokana® was first approved for sell. At the same time, updated warning labels were added to Invokana® and Invokamet® based on finding from that study to include information about decreased bone mineral density and bone fracture risk. (source:

Eight months after those label were updated, the FDA added another warning about SGLT2 kidney side effects based on more than 100 submitted adverse event reports. (source:

In May of 2017, the FDA announced that Invokana® would be required to add a black box warning to any marketing materials regarding risks of amputation to patients. (source:

“It is unfortunate that these SGLT2 inhibitor drugs were originally prescribed and marketed to Type 2 Diabetes patients to help control their condition and now are allegedly being linked to hospitalization for serious side effects related to heart, kidney and liver injuries and just recently amputation of toes, feet and legs,” said Personal Injury Attorney Glen Lerner. “Our attorneys are prepared to speak up for anyone who may have been harmed by Invokana® or other SGLT2 inhibitor drugs and to even the odds in a courtroom if need be.”

Invokana® diabetic ketoacidosis, amputation, kidney injury, heart disease or other related serious injury class action claim reviews may be submitted to the personal injury law firms Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys or Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys by calling 952-200-3129, or by submitting an online case review form at or at People that have been harmed after taking Invokana® diabetic to treat your Type 2 Diabetes, you may be entitled to compensation for damages.

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