Disaster response in the Caribbean getting one last solar boost from Azimuth Solar Products and GlobalMedic

Flooding Disaster Aid

Portable solar startup Azimuth Solar Products is sending emergency response solar generators to GlobalMedic for use in the field, starting with the Caribbean.

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, December 21, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Azimuth Solar Products is sending emergency response solar generators to GlobalMedic for use in the field, starting with the Caribbean.

Disaster relief efforts in the Caribbean are getting one more solar boost as emergency aid winds down. Azimuth Solar Products, Inc. is shipping out its unique on-the-ground emergency portable solar generator to GlobalMedic thanks to support from an online fundraiser.

The campaign was launched on Generosity.com earlier this year on September 18th in response to the damage done by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean. Within a week the situation developed as Hurricane Maria made landfall on Puerto Rico and devastated the island’s electricity grid, prompting solar donations from around the world.
The campaign raised $1,295 USD in a month and connected with Toronto-based GlobalMedic, a non-profit organisation which deploys rapid short-term responses that provide medical relief and intervention in the wake of disasters and crisis. Their quick and dedicated responses to save lives have been recognized worldwide.
The equipment is being shipped to GlobalMedic’s headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. From there they will load the donations with the rest of their supplies for their last trip to the Caribbean in the first week of January, and deploy the solar equipment to response teams in the field.

Among the donations is a functional prototype of Azimuth’s high-powered portable solar generator system. The system includes four panels mounted on a durable, custom-built tripod for a total of 360 Watts power. This system can tilt and rotate 360 degrees to follow the sun and is easily assembled and disassembled without tools, making it ideal for travelling into remote locations, over difficult terrain, or where infrastructure is damaged.
This system is similar to systems used by NATO or the U.S. Armed Forces but at less than half the cost, and is powerful enough to run crucial medical and communication equipment in GlobalMedic’s response centres.
The solar generator will come equipped with power management components including a combination charge controller and pure sine inverter.

Matt Longman, CTO, and Shari McDowell, CEO, of Azimuth Solar Products, have been developing this system over the last few years and are excited to see how it will fare in the field. They both have experience in disaster response with wildfires and natural disasters in B.C., and they designed their portable system with emergency response in mind.
Azimuth Solar Products is expected to make more donations like this with GlobalMedic in the future as part of the company’s commitment to being a socially responsible business. You can support Azimuth Solar Product’s initiative with GlobalMedic by donating at their ongoing Generosity.com campaign page (https://igg.me/at/t6Zysws-3V8).

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