Powerful Lightweight SBM Solar Panels Now Available with Azimuth Solar's 2-Axis Support Frame on Tripod Stand

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SBM Solar Inc. has partnered with Azimuth Solar Products Inc. to offer their solar panels on a groundbreaking 2-Axis Frame on a Tripod Stand.

CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 21, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- SBM Solar Inc. (SBM) has partnered with Azimuth Solar Products Inc. (Azimuth) to offer a groundbreaking 2-Axis Frame on a Tripod Stand. SBM, a major supplier of Military solar panels, can now say they have a frame with stand for every one of their solar panels! The frames can be designed to hold multiple SBM Solar Panels, creating solar systems capable of 400 watts to 1,200 watts of solar power on a single stand. These solar panels fold up for easy transport along with the quick disassembly of the frame and stand into compact carry cases.

This new 2-Axis frame and stand from Azimuth can also provides customers the ability to aim the solar panels directly at the sun, and gain additional power. This is a heavy-duty unit, capable of withstanding 3000 pounds of load, yet lightweight at 75 pounds. Three additional attachment points on the stand allow it to be securely anchored with cables into the ground, for protection against high winds. Prior to partnering with Azimuth, SBM solar panels were shipped without any frame or stand assembly. This is a new ability, mounting multiple SBM Solar Panels to a frame on a stand that can rotate the solar panels 360 degrees and provide directional capabilities from a flat horizontal to a straight vertical position, thus allowing the solar panels to capture the sun better.

Made in the USA, SBM solar panels can utilize Azimuth’s frame and stand to obtain more power. The tripod designed stand can easily be placed on any terrain. The adjustable legs can even provide stability on sloped land. This stand and frame assembly can easily be knocked down into a travel case.

Together, SBM and Azimuth provide Optimum Solar Panel Power for any location, designed to handle extreme conditions, from desert to arctic.

SBM Solar is a custom solar panel manufacturer, providing leading edge companies with solar power. SBM Solar is one of few companies to obtain a UL approved non-glass, rigid, crystalline silicon cell photovoltaic module in the world. This innovative PV module combines both advanced materials and a proprietary manufacturing process enabling customers to generate power in the most extreme environments. The module is impact resistance, low glare, and has lightweight features. SBM Solar has set the standard in Military solar panels with extensive testing and innovation. http://www.sbmsolar.com

Providing well-designed, robust mobile Solar Generator Systems, Azimuth Solar Products is a premier provider of Solar Power Solutions. With innovative and proprietary products, located in Kelowna, BC, Canada, Azimuth Solar Products are becoming globally recognized. http://www.azimuthsolar.ca/

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