Azimuth Solar Products Partners with GlobalMedic for Disaster Recovery

Solar system setup on beach with flood barriers

The ASP 300 setup during the 2017 Okanagan flooding.

Azimuth Solar Products has paired up with GlobalMedic and hopes to fundraise $5,250 USD to send solar power for disaster recovery.

Ultimately the goal is to send the best equipment possible with the money raised in the time we have.”
— Shari McDowell, CEO of Azimuth Solar Products

KELOWNA, B.C., CANADA, November 1, 2017 / -- Azimuth Solar Products Inc. is pleased to announce that they have partnered with GlobalMedic to provide solar power for emergency on-the-ground medical intervention after disasters and crises around the world. Azimuth’s powerful portable Tripod Solar Generator Systems can run household appliances, lights, refrigeration, and medical equipment such as defibrillators, sterilizers, and oxygen concentrators.

In response to Hurricane Irma and Maria in September, Azimuth Solar Products launched an online fundraiser on with an initial goal of $5,250 USD to send two systems to the Caribbean for disaster aid. The campaign has fundraised $1,245 USD online to date and they are now quickly preparing solar equipment to send out to GlobalMedic headquarters in Toronto, where they will deploy the solar equipment to response teams in the field.
GlobalMedic deploys rapid, short-term international responses which provide medical relief and intervention in the wake of disasters and crisis. Their quick and dedicated responses to save lives have been recognized by leading humanitarian disaster response organizations worldwide.

Azimuth Solar’s portable solar generators are high output power generating systems that are similar to systems used by NATO or the U.S. Armed Forces but at less than half the cost. The ASP tripod systems can be used in remote or isolated areas where infrastructure is damaged and the tripod can be set up in flooded areas or uneven terrain, making the most out of any situation. The two-axis tracking system allows users to reposition their panels for maximum power output more easily and safely than other portable systems.

Azimuth Solar Products is planning to ship as many of these solar generator systems they can to meet demand. This fundraiser will give them the purchasing power they need to get these systems into the field and saving lives as soon as possible. They are currently aiming to ship out their 300W or 360W systems, and are also planning to send power management equipment such as deep-cycle batteries, as needed.
“As of now, we’re short of our $5,250 USD goal, so we may not be able to send one of our high-powered solar generators. Ultimately the goal is to send the best equipment possible with the money raised in the time we have,” says Shari McDowell, CEO of Azimuth Solar Products.

Donations can be made through their fundraising campaign on, and Azimuth Solar is planning to make the partnership a permanent part of their company’s commitment to social responsibility.
Once GlobalMedic leaves the Caribbean, they are going to take the solar equipment with them to continue to provide world-leading medical emergency response internationally for years to come. Azimuth Solar is happy these supplies will continue to have a lasting impact and save lives all over the world.
Azimuth Solar is hoping a quick rush in donations following their new partnership with GlobalMedic could spur enough funding to be able to send their bigger systems, but there’s no guarantee. Because of the closing timeframe of emergency action in the Caribbean, new donations may instead go towards supplying solar for GlobalMedic’s operations elsewhere in the world.

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