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Aamie Benson of Evoke 3 to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

Evoke 3 is about calling your best self forward and living the life you truly desire.”
— Aamie Benson

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2017 / -- Adventure is not just for the frequent fliers or the adrenaline junkies. Adventure is all around us, when you sign up for that art class you've always wanted to take, or take a hike, or join that business group you have wanted to be a part of. Adventure is for everybody. It asks you to step out of your comfort zone and do things you never thought you could do and amaze yourself in the process. Adventure illuminate’s life’s greatest gift: the undeniable potential of the human spirit.

Aamie Benson is a certified coach and the founder of Evoke 3, a coaching practice dedicated to Transformation, Passion and Life.

“Evoke means to call forth,” says Aamie. “Evoke 3 is about calling your best self forward and living the life you truly desire. Too often we get stuck in the boxes we've placed ourselves in. Adventure is about stepping out of our comfort zone to call forth who you truly are, and want to be. Nothing lights me up more than seeing someone stand in their greatness.”

Aamie has spent her career working in learning and development within large corporations and non-profit organizations. As a professional coach and trainer Aamie draws on 14 years of experience helping teams and individuals improve performance and capabilities.

“We all have aspects of ourselves that require healing,” says Aamie. “Transformation is shifting our limiting self-beliefs, and taking our power back. It’s about having the courage to look at the hard stuff, and be deliberate about our own growth. When we do this, we continually step toward the threshold of extraordinary.”

Aamie says “It’s being intentional. It’s making the choice to change, and learning tools that help you move forward in a productive, successful way. It’s not an easy task, but mindfully experiencing your personal adventure makes all the difference. When you do this, you set goals and take action from a place that is aligned with your values and who you are. It is from this place that we live more authentically and fully.

“Mostly people want to be seen and heard,” adds Aamie. “They want to make a change, and move forward with meaning and purpose. As a coach, I bridge the gap between where they are, and where they want to be. I see them for who they are, and not the things they've been through.”

“We all have our stories, and we all have the capacity to be brave, resilient, and the ability to take our life back,” says Aamie. “I believe in "leading from within". If you want to be that great coworker, teammate, leader, partner or friend -- it starts with you. Discovering your own inner truth is the most powerful thing that you can achieve. It is then that you begin to change, and embrace the adventure of life.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Aamie Benson in an interview with Jim Masters on November 2nd at 1pm EDT.

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