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Gaming Technology Launches for GREL tools


GREL, the provider of online real estate education & technology solutions, today announced the launch of Gaming Technology to strengthen their tools.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2017 / -- Global Real Estate Licence, the provider of online real estate education & technology solutions, is pleased to announce the launch their alliance with the gaming industry, designed to bring the most effective, unique and valuable experience for each of their agents. GREL utilizes gaming technology with their workout scripts and real estate tools sections where agents are able to implement the knowledge from the courses to learn what, when, and how, to implement the knowledge they have received. This concepts transitions the theory learnt throughout the online courses, into concrete action for their real estate business They introduced the platforms by giving points for higher task value items, and continue to reward behavior with badges and positive reinforcement.

“The gamification system is an online reflection of real life awards real estate agents would receive in their business. The ramifications of ‘gaming’ the platforms has a large influence on the subconscious state, which makes members feel rewarded based on the level of effort they place on the system. This positive stimuli makes the process of learning more receptive to complete a task, but offering short intervals of positive reinforcement. Studies have shown that when users, in any industry, start a new task, a high level of enthusiasm pushes them to begin. Midway, however, there is a dip in motivation, often leaving many tasks unfinished. By providing gamification, there has been a higher retention and completion rate, which has a positive influence on an agent's business.”

The beauty of gaming is the enjoyment factor; at GREL, they recognize the true potential that can come from any agent and person can come out from entertaining styles. Agents using the gaming technology will be able to better their skills through tonality, and other neuro-linguistic programming's by having fun through inspiring them to get better and improve on their passion, real estate. With the reward system in play, they can feel as if they are competing with top agents from around the world. The greater you strengthen your knowledge through the broker, investor. and developer courses, then the wide range of skills and practice will make these processes become second nature, thus when the real moments come into play, making sales will feel like a breeze of wind.

About Global Real Estate Licence:

GREL is a California-based organization that provides real estate training, licensing and guidelines to real estate professionals around the world. The online business platform by GREL helps users build their real estate knowledge, enhance skills, and properly brand their business for success. Real estate license editions provided by GREL are designed to help real estate professionals understand the property market, master the skills required for success, and implement robust strategies required for success in real estate. Visit our website to learn more about Global Real Estate Licence:

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