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SalesDriven - Built with Isomorphic Software’s SmartClient - is Kicking Ass and Taking Names

SalesDriven.Cloud - Build with Isomorphic's SmartClient technology.

There is a new [CRM] kid in town. “Probably yet another solution with the same old features, but different colored tabs” I hear you say. Well, you’d be wrong.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2017 / -- Of course, SalesDriven checks all the usual boxes: It’s ‘in the cloud’; it manages your leads, opportunities, documents, marketing; customer service; it integrates with everything - including Gmail. But SalesDriven has a new, innovative, refreshing approach:

1. Your Business Process is Your Competitive Advantage
With SalesDriven, you are not forced into a standard ‘best practice’. Instead, it is simple to model any business process across any systems and applications. This includes things like telephony, social media, calendars and your back office.

2. Clean, and Cost Effective
SalesDriven is built on modules which consist of reusable components (think Lego). You get (and only pay for) what your business needs. This means your UI is not cluttered with things you don’t want, and you are not charged extra to pay for Benioff’s new skyscraper.

3. Complete Picture
SalesDriven provides email marketing AND integrates with your email, so every relevant customer interaction is available within leads and opportunities. Sales reps are better informed, better prepared and close more deals faster.

Yes, you can do all this in SalesForce [or any system] … IF you have enough time and money. But these days, who does? So, how does SalesDriven do all this without a long, costly implementation project? It’s down to the underlying technology.

SalesDriven leverages Isomorphic Software’s SmartClient. SmartClient was “a key player in forming our philosophy for the type of services and products we decided to offer. Because of the agility, uniformity and framework methodology, we quickly realized that we can offer adaptive solutions dictated by the business needs and not the other way around.”

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About SalesDriven
At SalesDriven, our aim is to help businesses reduce spending by being more effective in their day to day operations and increase Sales through Marketing Automation and Social Media Integration.

About Isomorphic Software
Isomorphic Software is based in San Francisco and has over a decade of industry leadership, providing technology platforms for building enterprise web applications. Companies around the world use the SmartClient Platform, including Cisco, Boeing, Toyota, Philips and Genentech.

About Smart GWT
Isomorphic Software's Smart GWT allows developers to build better applications faster. It is part of SmartClient Platform - the most mature, technically advanced technology for building rich, high-productivity enterprise applications. SmartClient provides applications a depth and breadth of capabilities that is unrivaled: Enterprise Grade UI components, Intelligent Data Management, and Deep Server Integration.

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