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Released presentation on security essence inside LogicalDOC

In an epoch where ransomware viruses causes costs that exceed the $5 billion in 2017, we are committed to protect the documents of our customers by delivering the most secure DMS.”
— Marco Meschieri

CARPI, ITALY, October 3, 2017 / -- Over the years, LogicalDOC - Document Management System, have been working assiduously well in order to make it users to enjoy the service that they provide with all the progresses that they have made especially with this recent innovation of the hybrid and now, we are pleased to announce that LogicalDOC have released a Security Paper on security essence on 3th October, 2017.
Due to the growing need for one to feel safe and less threatened when managing his/her documents or files online, LogicalDOC have decided to bring to their users knowledge, the security capacity of LogicalDOC soft wear and how to access it. Most persons use LogicalDOC but they don’t know about the security capacity of it and how to make use of them.

With this new release, you can see the security functions of LogicalDOC such as fast and secure way to access your documents, how to protect yourself from Hackers with LogicalDOC’s force attack defense mechanism, how it help users in reminding them of the need to change their existing password with new one in order to have more secure connection, how to create secure connection for anonymous users and choose what they can visualize at any moment, learn how you as an admin will be able to Choose who’s going to be able to visualize specific documentations or folders and Give special access to a specific folder for the most important documentation, and also how to Keep under control all the important documents or your projects with the notification feature, how you as an admin will Make sure that your documents are not infected with an integrated antivirus, help you to learn that LogicalDOC is Completely compatible with client using an external LDAP and

ActiveDirectory authentication systems with a secure external connection and many more.
To get more tip of the iceberg, LogicalDOC in the released Security Paper tells it users how confortable they can check any of their documents or files anytime with ClamAV Antivirus software, to learn that LogicalDOC’s Brute force attack defensive mechanism will make sure that hackers do not get to their files and are immediately blocked from getting to it, Ban unwanted IPs or users with LogicalDOC integrated firewall, Protect entire repositories with by encrypting your storages, Protect each document with a customized password.

ClamAV Antivirus is a free, cross-platform and open-source antivirus software toolkit able to detect many types of malicious software, including viruses. One of its main uses is on mail servers as a server-side email virus scanner, which enable LogicalDOC users to be able to filter any emails and IPs that are not meant to access the users files. Both ClamAV and its updates are made available free of charge.

Brute Force Attacks
LogicalDOC knows that hackers will always try to get to their users files that was the reason their Security Paper gave their users the confidence that such actions will be dealt with by the defense mechanism that they put in place. A brute-force attack is an attempt to discover a password by systematically trying every possible combination of letters, numbers, and symbols until you discover the one correct combination that works. And most experts in hacking use so many methods which are dictionary attack, key derivation function, cryptanalytic attack and so on that makes this combination very simple to guess. But LogicalDOC defense mechanism is equal to the task as stated in their newly released Security Paper.

LogicalDOC integrated firewall
The Security Paper will also enlighten users on the importance of integrated firewall features that will aid LogicalDOC users to effectively discover suspicious users through a specific IPs, networks and hostnames.

LogicalDOC encryption
Another interesting line on the Security Paper is that it tries to let users know that with encryption activation in repository, documents or files stored in LogicalDOC in different repositories such as Local folders, Remote Folders, Amazon S3 buckets and Microsoft Azure containers are safe even when hackers successfully hack it and transfer some information. Because they will also need the information or credentials used to encrypt it.

Customized password
The released Security Paper is also trying to let LogicalDOC users know that with customized password, confidential document that you only want to share with limited amount of persons will be well protected whenever you share it. Furthermore the presentation gives you guide on how to set the password with just few click. And also advice LogicalDOC users to not issue the password created for confidentiality of a document to many users and point that no extra credential will be needed in order to access such document.

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