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Brightleaf Solutions Announces Release of New Version of its Abstraction Software for Automated Summarization

Brightleaf Solutions

Speeding up the whole process from automated extraction of data to contract summarization

The upgraded version uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms with enhanced functions helping summarization of complex contracts”
— Samir Bhatia, CEO of Brightleaf Solutions
BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2017 / -- Brookline, MA – Brightleaf Solutions, Inc. a leading provider of automated contract data abstraction services has recently announced release of a new module on its AI based, Semantic Intelligence/Natural Language Processing engine, allowing it to summarize lengthy and complex contracts.

Brightleaf’s award winning data abstraction service is capable of handling structured, semi-structured or unstructured data, scattered across different divisions or departments. Whether in paper or digitized format, Brightleaf can manage efficient abstraction of essential data from various contracts or documents, that can be easily uploaded onto any enterprise level system. Brightleaf is a single solution for any abstraction need as it provides a full abstraction service comprising of its own NLP based technology, a team of experts and a process to deliver six sigma level of output. The extension to this service is the introduction of automated contract summarization module on their abstraction engine.

According to Samir Bhatia, CEO of Brightleaf Solutions, “The upgraded version uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms with enhanced functions helping summarization of complex contracts by taking out all the unwanted and unwarranted content and rephrasing the text to make it simpler for a quick review.”

Some of the key benefits of Brightleaf’s automated contract summarization are:

• Speedy processing of contracts there by saving precious time and resources
• Accurate results due to automated extraction and summarization process customized to clients’ requirements.
• Six sigma results when coupled with human overview of the customization, extraction and summarization process, leading to much faster and more educated decision making.

Samir added further, “NLP/AI technologies can do the bulk of the heavy lifting, but errors in the original document require human intelligence and intervention. The combination offered by Brightleaf, who has full control of the software, people and process, gives us the unique advantage to deliver highly accurate results to our clients, a must if the data is used for decision making.”


Brightleaf provides a technology powered service to extract information from your contracts using our own proprietary semantic intelligence/natural language processing technology, our own team of lawyers to check the output, and our own Six-Sigma process to deliver end-to-end, highly accurate, extracted data from your contracts.

The data can be virtually anything, and it is customized for each of your type of contracts. All meta-data, terms and conditions, legal provisions, and even all obligations (which are usually scattered throughout your contracts) are extracted by our software. This extracted data is checked by our team of lawyers, and provided in a format for easy upload into any system, such as a Contract Lifecycle Management System (CLM), for tracking and reporting (download Strategy Brief).

This allows you to leverage the knowledge in your existing contracts, report on the extracted data, even recover hidden revenue (e.g. by policing penalty clauses in your supplier agreements) and comply with current and upcoming regulations.

Brightleaf was voted one of the top five data mining companies, and the only one in the legal space.

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