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Will Our Leaders Please Wake Up.

Healing involves making your self-image emotional baggage free.

Heal your self and then guide others into emotional health.

Actualize Your Child's Wisdom Power.

One can start wise from childhood onwards.

parents are you creating the pure self or a false self-image?

Parents please focus on Wise Parenting.

The question is will our leaders wake up to fixing the ills of society by taking away the root cause of most of the ills of society?

The root cause of all evil is how we provide emotionally challenged parenting when we can do just the opposite. It is as easy to create wisdom as it is to create ignorance in our children.”
— Sajid Khan, Ensure Wisdom Through Emotionally Healthy Parenting.
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, July 17, 2017 / -- The Bible is telling us through the allegorical story of Adam and Eve that every normal child is born in heaven and is thrown out into hell due to the actions of its parents. This story is being repeated and again in every child's life. It is the parent's upbringing that determines whether the child will experience heaven or hell in its life on earth.

The biggest need of the hour is to fix the unhealthy upbringing of our future generations to fix the ills of society. The responsibility lies with our leaders in government, social media and the experts in all social and health fields. From Donald Trump to Narendra Modi to Senator Booker and Phil Murphy. From Facebook and Google bosses to presidents of universities; they are all responsible for their inaction on the latest breakthroughs in the field of emotional health.

Adam and Eve started off with no self-identity. And as long as they have no self-identity they are living a life of bliss. Enters Satan and he introduces a false self-identity that alters their self-image from being selfless to becoming selfish. At once how they experience and absorb life changes from wisdom to ignorance. Suddenly all the attributes of ignorance become their way of life. From unconscious selflessness to conscious selfishness becomes their way of life. Selfishness brings with it all its attributes; lust for power, greed, jealousy, anger, fear, worry, guilt, restlessness, impatience, etc. From pure happiness to dejection and frustration become their way of life. Pretension and concealing their true feelings become them, they become deceitful and cheaters. From being wisdom, they become ignorance.

Parents through their actions reveal themselves as agents of God or the devil. God created Adam and Eve to live in the now without any focus on the self and Satan shifted their focus onto themselves. Their whole world changed from selfless to selfish, from living in heaven to living in hell. We parents do this every time we bring up our child on the belief that it is the best.

The question is will our leaders wake up to fixing the ills of society by taking away the root cause of most of the ills of society?

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Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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