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It Is About Time New Jersey Has A Governor Who Will Deliver.

The leader we deserve and need.

The #1 Choice for Governor of NJ.

A proven success.

A leader who will fight for us.

Hungry to serve New jersey.

From banking to being in the business of improving lives.

He has the focus, integrity, experience and the confidence that can only come from authentic humbleness; the true mark of all great leadership.

From banking to being in the business of serving New Jersey and improving lives.”
— Sajid Khan, Phil Murphy a fighter for all of New Jersey.
NEWARK, NJ, USA, June 1, 2017 / -- I got interested in researching wisdom by accident. I started by researching schizophrenia and when I found that it commences in the fetus stage due to conscious pain in the womb; I figured that if the pain in the uterus leads to the possibility of schizophrenia, then conscious pleasure in the womb must also have consequences. One insight led to another, and I ended up with wisdom being the smoke where emotional health is the fire. One thing that bugged me was, having published hundreds of articles on wisdom I was told that as wisdom cannot be measured, it can never be a science. So I applied for a patent on wisdom as science. One patent officer told me that I was crazy as no one can patent wisdom! After several rejections, I finally got success with,

Patent US7029282 - E.I.Q. tests (Emotional Intelligence Quotient Tests ...

Now not only can wisdom be measured, emotions, people, groups, countries, and even leaders can also be measured! I have also created a Leadership Rating Test.

Phil stands out as the wisest choice.

He has the focus, integrity, experience and the confidence that can only come from authentic humbleness; the real mark of all great leadership.

Phil is a proven leader as he quit making money full time as a banker and devoted his life to public service.

He quit the ranks of the 1% to make life better for the rest of us.

Great leadership is wise leadership, and Phil truly measures up to wisdom.”— Sajid Khan, Phil actualizes the meaning of public service. With Phil Murphy as governor, we know what we are getting: an accomplished leader who rises to the top with whatever job he chooses to undertake.

He fills the bill for the right priorities that New Jersey needs. Public service is a way of life for him. He has the passion and the drive not only to serve but to succeed.

Today when the central leadership is bent on helping just the 1%, we need Phil who will stand up for the rest of us.

He is the only leader from the current field who has the faculty to overcome the enormous challenges that our state of New Jersey faces in these rough times.

Phil Murphy Passes the Leadership Rating Test with Flying Colors.

A couple of days ago, I was at the Phil Murphy Town Hall event in Lyndhurst. Like other experts, I do not judge the personality of leaders as a single unit. I measure the brain and mind generated characters separately. I found Phil's brain and mind characters to be both excellent. I found him to be well-prepared, and ready to take on the task of making New Jersey #1 again. He is focused on issues which he articulates with charisma.

Phil is a charismatic leader who speaks from his brain/heart. He is not a typical politician who speaks what his audience wants to hear.

Phil is a proactive leader who has a clear grasp of the issues. He is a hands-on problem solver.

Those who criticize Phil for being a top Goldman Sacks leader do not know what they are talking about. Banking is one of the top essential components of any economy. The better the bank, the better the whole country. It is banking leaders like Phil who have made Goldman Sacks the cutting edge leader it is today. Just imagine America without its top tier banks!

Christie Fails the Leadership Rating Test.

In contrast, I have observed Governor Christie has a good enough mind but his brain is similar to Donald Trump's. From time to time the governor's brain takes over his mind; which means he loses control of his mental faculties. For leadership, a sane brain is essential, more so than the mind. If the leader's mind is not up to par, he has expert advisers to guide him, but if his brain is defective, then he will be incapable of taking emotionally healthy decisions. Christie even when giving speeches becomes emotionally hyper; a clear sign that his brain is emotionally challenged. 


Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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