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reSAWN TIMBER co. Releases 5 Brand New Designs on Modified Kebony Wood

Kebony landscape view

NOBU shou sugi ban charred kebony

NOBU shou sugi ban charred kebony

FAEN kebony wood for exterior siding

FAEN kebony wood for exterior cladding

The newest designs from reSAWN include both CHARRED shou sugi ban and non-CHARRED products that are specifically intended for exterior applications

TELFORD, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, May 17, 2017 / -- The new KEBONY products combine the breathtaking contemporary designs from reSAWN TIMBER co. with high-performance Kebony® exterior siding and decking. Originating out of Norway, Kebony “…aims to be the leading wood brand and technology organization” through proven wood modification techniques.

reSAWN's Kebony products include two CHARRED shou sugi ban designs--SUPERKÜL and NOBU--and three designs that are non-CHARRED and are intended to beautifully weather in place--FAEN, MARKA, and RUSS. All five products are available for sampling and specification.


Much of Kebony wood’s enhanced performance characteristics stem from the patented modification process they have adopted. The impressive technology improves the properties of sustainable softwoods in three stages:

1. Impregnation

Impregnation is the process in which the wood is soaked in a bio-based liquid. During impregnation, furfuryl alcohol produced from a bio-based liquid is imparted into the wood to make it dimensionally stable.

2. Curing & Drying

After impregnation, the wood is heated, and the polymerisation of the furfuryl alcohol occurs. This step is referred to as the curing step. The resulting polymer, which is now permanently locked into the wood cells, is stable and will not disintegrate or leak out of the wood.

3.Kebony Wood

After treatment, the wood cell walls are 50 percent thicker due to the stable, locked-in polymers. This permanent modification of the wood cell walls gives the final wood product outstanding stability, the maximum amount of hardness, and a guaranteed long life. Kebony wood also provides a high level of safety as the wood does not splinter and contains no toxins or chemicals.


At each stage of the Kebony process, the Norwegian company pays attention to environmental impact. Production of Kebony is based on a liquid extracted from bio-waste and their factory produces to the most environmentally friendly standards. In the waste disposal phase, Kebony can be treated as regular, untreated wood. The raw materials for Kebony are acquired from commercially managed forests with large timber harvests. All Kebony suppliers hold certificates guaranteeing the origin of their timber.

Additionally, reSAWN TIMBER co. is able to offer many of our products FSC certified and has many contributions to LEED certified projects. reSAWN is dedicated to manufacturing products that reach their peak sustainability. From the species we offer to our aesthetic finishes, we know that we’re a crucial part of projects that contribute to a healthier world.


Kebony is beautiful wood recommended by leading architects. Kebony’s performance has been proven in a variety of applications, including decking and cladding, because of its high-quality characteristics:

Real Wood
--with enhanced and strengthened cell structure

Refined & Beautiful
--develops a natural patina after exposure to sun and rain

Maximum Hardness
--increased to levels of the best hardwoods

Outstanding Stability
--swelling and shrinking reduced by 40-60%

Guaranteed Long Life
--outdoor lifetime warranty (on wood only) of 30 years against rot

High Resistance
--against fungi, rot, and other wood destroying microorganisms

Safe & Toxin Free
--no toxins or harmful impregnation substances

--bio-based liquid used in Kebony technology

Sustainable Sources
--sustainably sourced timber


reSAWN TIMBER co. brings our award-winning CHARRED technology to the sustainable and high-performance Kebony wood. Using our contemporary take on the ancient Japanese fire-burning technique of shou sugi ban, reSAWN’s charring process adds both performance and aesthetic characteristics to NOBU and SUPERKÜL. Due to Kebony’s density and swollen cell structure, the exterior char layer of CHARRED Kebony is extremely hard and durable. The hardness of the char layer provides extra protection against rot, hygroscopic movement, and insects.

In terms of aesthetic value, charring Kebony gives the wood an extra level of complexity in the form of enhanced wood grain and a crackled char look. Additionally, CHARRED Kebony can be finished with a variety of different colors and styles.


Kebony is a natural wood product for outdoor applications and its appearance will therefore be influenced by local environmental conditions over time. Usually, color changes and checking, or small surface cracks, will occur due to natural weathering. While Kebony wood’s aesthetic will change with time, its performance characteristics will not.

reSAWN offers FAEN, MARKA, and RUSS as a non-CHARRED way to take advantage of the natural color, wood grain, and weathering capabilities of Kebony. The non-charred Kebony products capture a variety of different aesthetics from a heavily textured gray to neutral brown tones that will evenly weather to a silver-gray patina.

The durability and strength of Kebony wood naturally lends itself to decking applications. With similar characteristics to the best tropical hardwoods, MARKA and RUSS offer sustainable and beautiful decking options. Kebony decking has been included in a wide variety of both large scale and small scale projects from private residences to boardwalks.

Drew Diehl
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