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Key-Quest, The Tool Box on Your Keychain

Key Quest - 6-in-1 multi-tool

Key quest founder - Tsukada Co, Ltd.

the manufacturers of the world-famous Japanese traditional Seki blades

The handy multi-tool loved by more than two-thousand backers in Japan is finally here! Experience outstanding Japanese craftsmanship through Key-Quest.

SEKI CITY, JAPAN, April 12, 2017 / -- Timeless Japanese craftsmanship and contemporary efficiency have joined forces to create Key-Quest, the 6-in-1 multi-tool that’s portable enough to fit on your keychain and versatile enough to be used for everything from opening a bottle to tightening a screw to cutting fishing line. If you’re wondering how something small enough to fit inside your pocket can perform so many tasks so effortlessly, just consider the location where Key-Quest is manufactured: Seki, Japan, better known as the “City of Blades,” which has been home to the Tsukada Company, Ltd. for 47 years. Tokyo Mirai Mode (TMM), a worldwide crowdfunding platform for unique Japanese products and inventions, prides itself on introducing the world to the future’s most intriguing innovations. Now the handy multi-tool that is a favorite in Japan has traveled to the United States where it’s been launched as a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign needs to raise $5000 in order to meet its production timeline, but as supporters come to realize the unique character of this product, the campaign worldwide will be as successful as the original Japanese campaign.

Multitasking with Key-Quest

Calling Key-Quest a gadget loses sight of the fact that this indispensable product raises innovation to a brand new level. Its features make everyday tasks a lot easier and, because it fits on your keychain, it goes where you do so that you’re always ready for the unexpected.

--> Need to remove the lid from a can of paint, or raise a pull top? Key-Quest can do both, and for those who’ve just had their nails done, there’s no need to worry about ruining the manicure. Now that’s efficiency!

--> You’ve planned the family barbeque down to the last detail, but once you arrive at the site, you realize that you forgot to bring a bottle opener. Not a problem—Key-Quest has one that’s ready for use.

--> It seems like you never have a screwdriver handy when you notice that a screw is loose. Key-Quest’s flat-head driver will tighten the screw for you without requiring a trip to the tool shed.

--> The same is true if you’ve found a loose nut or bolt on your bike or your remote-controlled car, an appliance or a hobby item. Key-Quest has a wrench that will easily tighten bolts sized M2, M3, and M4.

--> If you’ve had to use a knife or just your hands to open a box, you know that you run the risk of hurting yourself or damaging the contents of the package. But the Key-Quest box cutter opens the box, cuts through the packaging tape, and keeps the items inside free from any collateral damage.

--> When you go on a fishing trip, you want to concentrate on your fishing pole and the fish. Easily done when you bring along the Key-Quest, which has a line and thread cutter on the tip that can swiftly slice through a wide range of materials.

The City of Blades: Home to Key-Quest

Tsukada Company, Ltd. has been perfecting its skills and improving its technology for almost fifty years. Each stage of the production process is performed by experienced technicians in Seki City, which is world-renowned as a center of unbreakable, unbendable, ultra-sharp blades and sword production. Key-Quest is a modern invention that is manufactured with the use of traditional techniques whose roots come from the Kamakura Era 700 years ago. Made of heat-treatable stainless steel, Key-Quest boasts a powerful resistance to rust, but keep in mind that any moisture should be wiped off the tool before it’s stored. There is a small risk that if moisture is allowed to remain on the Key-Quest, rust may develop.

Key-Quest’s Crowdfunding Success

The current Key-Quest crowdfunding campaign comes to the United States and worldwide on the heels of a very successful campaign in the product’s native Japan. The $5000 goal for the current product will be used to ship the product to its backers and to develop user manuals for English-speaking supporters. The rest of the funds will pay for the costs of the campaign, the platform usage fees, project operation and commissions.

Key-Quest: An Extraordinary Multi-Tool With An Ordinary Design

The handy multi-tool came into being out of everyday workflow inspiration. How often, during the course of a day, do you need to open a package or perform a basic repair task? For the makers of Key-Quest, the discovery that a key can be used to open a cardboard box set the wheels turning and by the autumn of 2015, the developers realized that a key-shaped multi-tool would be a lot more efficient that a mere key. So they began to develop a blade shaped like a key. No one can resist a pocket-sized tool that does so much without taking up a lot of space. Looking for a great gift that will always be treasured? The Key-Quest is that gift.

About Key-Quest

Key-Quest, the pocket-sized multi-tool with six convenient functions, is made by the Tsukada Company, Ltd, the manufacturers of the world-famous Japanese traditional Seki blades. Established in 1970, the company is proud of its products and takes complete responsibility for each stage of the production process, from the metal molds it makes to the final result. Tokyo Mirai Mode (TMM), a worldwide crowdfunding platform for unique Japanese products and inventions, prides itself on introducing the world to the future’s most intriguing innovations. TMM is managed by Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc. (TOM), whose global ecommerce platform sells and ships to more than 100 countries.

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