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Livezones: Monetize Your Online World

Livezones - the cutting-edge trade and income-generation platform


Livezones, the cutting-edge trade and income-generation platform that will monetize your online world has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2017 / -- Livezones: The Trade and Income-Generation Platform that Monetizes Your Online World

The twenty-first century has seen technology gallop into the future like a team of racehorses. But the monetization of online access has, in comparison, plodded along like a slow plowhorse. Enter Láz González, the creator and founder of Livezones, which is saddling up social media to create a cutting-edge trade and income-generation platform for people who want to see a little more money in their pockets. González knows that you’re out there, and he and his team are implementing an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that provides an opportunity to create a new form of income. With more than 20 options available which help users generate income, González envisions a future that blends the socializing of Facebook with the earning potential of Livezones.

Why You Need Livezones

The social networks are a huge community with a demographic of people who work, love, chat and share their lives online. So what’s missing from the equation? It’s the big Internet companies, not the social media users, who are capitalizing on the economic benefits. González outlines the dilemma: there’s no economic benefit for the hundreds of millions of users who stay connected on social media, who upload exclusive content, and who share their personal information and commercial preferences. Says González: “This has to change. Users also deserve to win.” "We are a better world when we put more money in your pocket.” Said González.

The Goals for Livezones

González sees himself as a birthing coach aiding in the delivery process of a bold new concept and he acknowledges that “birth is the most difficult stage in a company’s life.” Crowdfunding support will make it possible for Livezones to achieve the following goals:

1. Implement the mobile application
2. Launch operations and marketing
3. Reach the first ten million registered users
4. Begin generating revenue for users and the company
5. Raise over $15 million with the launch of the first round of financing

Livezones boasts some pretty impressive features that will offer users , including:

➢ A profile zone that will manage your main features
➢ A home zone to receive all news feeds
➢ A settings area to adjust your account and your privacy
➢ A dating zone that helps singles find the love of their lives
➢ A global audience with open zones and multiple features for the promotion of your brand, account, or services.

What Livezones Means in Dollars

González admits that if only 10% of Facebook users take part in Livezones, he’ll be disappointed. On the other hand, if only 10% of Facebook users join the trade and income generation platform, that translates into 150 million users with the capacity to generate billions in annual revenue. However you crunch the numbers, that gives Livezones the potential to be a global success.

Livezones accounts will be free and users will not have to pay to generate income, although in order to increase the amount of income they receive, they’ll purchase advertising. All users will earn money; that income generation is related to the photos, live videos, files, documents, and items offered for sale, service and other options not disclosed at this time for reasons of confidentiality. The transfer of income will be facilitated by a Livezones Card. Some income options will be transferred to your bank account every 30 days, others in real time.
Meet the Livezones Team

CEO and Founder Láz González brings his leadership skills and experience to hiring, retaining and inspiring the team. He possesses a strong familiarity of social networks and is an expert in the development of social platforms. His creativity and meticulous attention to detail provide the insights to manage a company’s resources efficiently and effectively. He has been the guiding force directing Livezones through the entire process of research, concept, design, and platform development.

Chief Operating Officer Gustavo Tosto’s twenty-two years of executive experience as the CEO of his own company, Web Design Enterprise, puts his degree from Florida International University to use in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area. His specialties include web design and development; online marketing; social media, business, and marketing strategy; SEO; e-commerce, business development; and project and online marketing campaign management.

Chief Technology Officer Jose Luis Garcia, with over 17 years as the CTO of Web Design Enterprise, brings his tech savvy to Livezones, including his knowledge of back-end administration; database development; and web development, along with his experience in marketing strategy and web design.

Together, the Livezones trio brings a wealth of knowledge, training, experience and insights to a dynamic concept that will revolutionize social media by generating income for the millions who use them.
About Livezones

Livezones (, the trade and income-generation platform that intends to monetize your online world, is a bold concept that aims to turn social media users into entrepreneurs. This Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, led by Láz González, the creator and founder of Livezones, envisions a dynamic business model that will galvanize social media usage while putting more money in people’s pockets. "We are a better world when we put more money in your pocket.” Said González.

Get in touch with founder Láz González for more information:


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