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The focus has to shift to creating Universal Emotional Health.

Creating emotional health is creating wisdom.

Emotional health generates wisdom.

Heal your brain and become wise.

Heal your brain and then heal those around you.

An emotionally healthy self-image is all one needs to become wise.

As wisdom springs from emotional health; the focus must shift from trying to understand, define and teach wisdom to creating emotional health.

Figuring out wisdom should be on the back burner & figuring out how to create emotionally healthy brains should be all the focus.”
— Sajid Khan, We need to create a new profession of Brain Cleaners/Healers.
RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2017 / -- The whole world is looking for answers to fix the ills of society. All
efforts are directed to changing minds through mind education; while
it is the emotional baggage of the brain that needs to be healed. The
time has come to focus on healing the brain.

Governments try to fix, manage and control the ills of society by
passing better and better laws based on carrots and sticks.
It is like passing a law to make a nitrogen producing machine to
produce oxygen; because what they do is they try to fix emotionally
challenged brains by passing laws.

There is a one step Solution to improving the economy, education,
crime, greed, corruption, rivalries, relationships, parenting, health,
happiness etc. By introducing Brain Education and creating emotional
health for the young and the old; the path to a
Wise Society is not via Teaching Wisdom; it is through creating
Emotional Baggage Free Brains. Emotional Health is the Key to a Wise

As wisdom springs from emotional health; the focus must shift from
trying to understand, define and teach wisdom to creating emotional
health. The following steps are needed to ensure wisdom/emotional-health:

1) Creating a compulsory program for training parents in nurturing
healthy self-identity/emotional-intelligence/brain/mind/wisdom/emotional-health/self-image
in their young.

2) Create brain/mind/self-identity/emotional-health/wisdom/emotional-intelligence-
inspectors/coaches who must track and guide/coach the
brain/mind/self-identity development from birth onwards till the
infant enters school.

3) Train teachers to detect and heal emotionally challenged
self-identities of the young and the old students.

4) Create self-identity/wisdom/emotional-intelligence/self-image/happiness
seminars for those older.

5) Create a whole new subject for all grade levels; that transforms
brains and minds into super-emotional-health/wisdom.

6) Our leaders must use the bully pulpit to wake up America to the
damage that we are doing to our future generations by raising them on
the false belief that each one is the best. Each must be raised as
Tiger Woods’ dad raised Tiger. He did not tell Tiger that Tiger is the
best; he made Tiger become the best.

7) Just as learning each extra subject like math and science; even
painting and learning to play music adds extra brain power to
the brain, similarly learning computer coding/programming adds extra
power to the brain. Computer programming must be added
as a compulsory subject for PreK-12 and beyond.

8) We create emotional health in our girls as we bring them up humble.
We bring up our boys macho. It is the machoness in our boys that
generates emotionally challenged brains that leads to all these ills
of society. No wonder our girls are better in most fields compared to
our boys. We must create a Wise Parenting law that ensures bring up
both our girls and boys as humble as possible.

9) People struggle to get rid of their emotional problems without knowing that
these problems are due to emotional baggage in their brains. We must create
a whole new profession of Brain Cleaners; who will heal the emotional baggage.

Our Leaders Must Wake up to the Fact that Mind Education is Built on
the Foundation of Brain Education and Yet Brain Education is Ignored,
Neglected and Above all the Brain is Miseducated.

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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