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Dreamweaver International brings humanitarian aid and hope to Africa.

Dr. Warren Bruhl brings aid to Kenya

Dreamweaver volunteer Montana Bruhl in Kenya

Dreamweaver Volunteer Montana Bruhl with villagers in Kenya, East Africa.

Dr. Warren Bruhl and daughter Montana travel across the globe to help the needy become needed in Kenya with education, healthcare, and sports programs.

Culturally in Africa, we are witnessing a shift in consciousness where people want to help their neighbors more, they want to do things for themselves more.”
— Dr. Warren Bruhl
NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS, USA, March 14, 2017 / -- A father-daughter duo, Dr. Warren and Montana Bruhl recently traveled to Africa to bring a message of hope and healing to Africa’s under-served populations. The Bruhl’s left Northbrook, Illinois on Jan. 12 and returned home Feb. 3, representing non-profit Dreamweaver International that brings vital education, health care, and aid to Maasai tribes in the Kimana Rift Valley of Kenya, East Africa.

Aiming to carry on the family legacy of bringing hope to Africa, Bruhl’s mother Sandra Taylor was the co-founding missionary of Dreamweaver, father and daughter worked together to bring hope to thousands of Kenyans, helping the needy to become needed through sustainable life-changing programs, focusing on education, healthcare, and more.

A two week chiropractic, education, and sports volunteer trip, key projects of the effort include work with the Kimana School of Leadership and Professional Studies; Kimana Christian Academy; Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital; chiropractic care in the bush; Kilimanjaro Little League; Bulls and Billy Goats’ program; and Climbing for a Higher Mission, a fund-raising effort to honor Bruhl family matriarch Mrs. Sandra Taylor who passed away earlier last year.

Joining the effort were Rocky Vista Osteopathic College Student doctors who teamed together with Dreamweaver to provide mentoring to Kenyan medical students and multidisciplinary care at the local hospital and Maasai tribes in the Kenya bush area in East Africa.

Fulfilling their mission to help alleviate poverty in the Rift Valley, Dreamweaver successfully launched the Bulls and Billy Goats pilot program in Olesiti, aiming to provide sustainable ongoing ways for local villages to feed children in their small community schools.

The trip embodied the focus of Bruhl’s recently published faith-based book, “Wavers & Beggars, New Insight and Hope to End Poverty and Global Challenges,” that explores new ways of looking at poverty and connecting resources to need.

“Culturally in Africa, we are witnessing a shift in consciousness where people want to help their neighbors more, they want to do things for themselves more, not wanting to continue to beg and depend on outside help,” says Dr. Bruhl. “We believe our school and programs are having a positive impact in affecting change in Kenya, helping them to become wavers, not beggars."

Representing the 3rd generation of the missional family, Montana Bruhl was excited to return to the Kenya for a second time. Sharing a rare glimpse into the Maasai culture, Montana and Dr. Bruhl were invited to attend a Maasai wedding ceremony where Montana received a blessing from the chief's father, the oldest man in the boma at 99 years old.

"It was such an honor to have him bless me,” Montana says.

Also of note, Dreamweaver donated $15,000 of sports gear and mentoring to the Kilimanjaro Little League, a Dreamweaver Program, who recently won their very first tournament. Dreamweaver first introduced baseball to the area 4 years ago through their Gear for Goals' sports project and aims to bring baseball to the surrounding areas. Check out Gear for Goals' video about their work in Kenya:

"We love reconnecting with the wonderful people of Kenya and seeing how they're doing and growing since our last trip," Bruhl says.

In the coming year, Dreamweaver plans to develop village banking programs, food programs, and water projects in Kenya that are all aimed at sustainability and success, allowing the community to lead the program and take ownership.

About Wavers & Beggars
Wavers & Beggars is a call to examine our role in helping our neighbor next door and 10,000 miles away. Each of us has an inner waver and a beggar inside ourselves. Recognizing our similarities to even the poorest beggar is the beginning to transform our lives and the planet. Wavers & Beggars inspires you to take a hard look at your choices and the stories you’ve made up about your life. The decisions you make will be the difference that changes the world and heals the global challenges we face today. Wavers & Beggars is available on Amazon,, and through Westbow Press. All Wavers & Beggars book sales go directly to charity.

About Dreamweaver International
Dreamweaver International is non-profit located in Northbrook, IL that provides education, healthcare, and humanitarian aid to the people of the Rift Valley of Kenya. Bruhl serves as Director for Dreamweaver as well as Executive Director of Dreamweaver's Gear for Goals' sports project. For more information about Dreamweaver and ways you can help, visit or check out their video at

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