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God Never Intended Human Beings To Be As Miserable As We Are.

Use your brain and mind to heal each other into emotional health.

Observe and experience your self-image from the brain and mind's perspective.

Your pure self is your emotionally healthy self image.

Your self-image is the face of your mind. Heal your self-image to heal your mind.

Work daily to achieve an emotionally healthy self-image in tune with what God inteded.

Clean your brain into an emotional baggage free brain.

He gave us the scriptures as a guide to living a pure life. Unfortunately, our experts have not been able to decode the message of the Bible properly.

As long as we keep trying to know the truth instead of becoming the truth; we will remain impure and far from perfect.”
— Sajid Khan. Everyone has the potential to actualize their pure self.
RIDGEFIELD PARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 13, 2017 / -- The Key to Making America Greater Than Ever Before is to Understand the True Nature of God.

To Actualize the Perfect Man Understand God.

In spite of all the progress in the sciences; our experts have still not understood the real Nature of God. As a result, we have still to uncover the real nature of man. How can society and the world not be a mess when we do not have a true understanding of the very human nature of man?

The clue to the very Nature of God comes from John 1:1 New International Version: In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This means that God does not just have all His Attributes; He is all His Attributes at the same time. it is like God does not just have Gold, He is Gold. God does not just have Diamonds, God is Diamonds. He is Emeralds and Pearls etc.; all at the same time. Now imagine a Gem that is all these jewels fused into one. If one can imagine all the precious, flawless, perfect attributes rolled into one; you can get a slight hint to the true Nature of God.

The one word that has all these flawless, perfect and precious attributes is wisdom.

According to the scriptures, God is not Someone who just has wisdom; He is wisdom. This is simply because suppose if God was not wisdom and just had wisdom it would mean that God is a lesser entity who is more simply because He has wisdom. So His greatness would depend on His having wisdom. His greatness would be conditional! So God’s power is defined not by his just having all this power but by being this power. As man is made in the image of God; man too has to become wisdom.

So the biggest flaw in education is that our experts try to give us mortals the knowledge of wisdom when what we need is to be shown the path of how to become wisdom. It is clear that our experts are wrong to consider wisdom as a stand alone, independent entity. It is an entity that has to be fused into the very human nature of man.

The perfect man is wisdom and wisdom is the perfect man. The question is how does man become wisdom/perfect?

In today's world of emotional intelligence' which is the scientific word for wisdom; emotional intelligence springs from emotional health. Thus creating wisdom is by way of creating emotional health.

As wisdom is a dependent entity it is like the smoke where the perfect man is the fire. This fire is created through emotional health that comes from wise parenting of the young and brain therapy of the old.

Can Happiness Be Bought? via @ein_news

Any Wonder Why The World Is So Full Of All Kinds Of Lies And It's Destructive Consequences.

According to the Holy Scriptures in Christianity man is made in the image of God. In Hinduism man is God and in Islam man is made with the Spirit of God. In effect, the essence of all the different religions is the same. They are all informing us that the human nature of man is made with the purest material. So the question is why do most humans end up less than perfect with impurities.

One of the maxim that human's struggle to achieve is "Know the truth and it will make you free." The Holy Scriptures are clearly telling us, "Become the truth and it will make you free". As long as we keep trying to know the truth instead of becoming the truth we will remain impure and far from perfect.

So the question is how does man even begin to create every human being in the image of God. One has to start with and end with the truth, which is one of the attributes of God. Unfortunately, we start ingraining in every child that s/he is the best. Thus we build the human nature of man with a lie. Instead of building man with the God-material of truth we build with the Satan material of falsehood. Any wonder why the world is so full of all kinds of lies and its destructive consequences.

Bringing up our children on the false belief of each one being the best results not only in creating an emotionally challenged human being resulting in each one thinking of their own self as superior to all others; irrespective of whether it is the truth or not. This results in the disastrous consequence of each group, country, tribe, caste, religion considering itself as not just superior to all others but as the only one with the truth.

So not just our human nature; even our beliefs have to be based on the maxim, "Become the truth and it will make you free."

Sajid Khan
4th R Foundation
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You are your mind and your mind is your self image.